Wednesday, Verizon released some critical information to those of you who are still debating on whether or not your are buying Verizon’s iPhone. Verizon’s basic plan will cost users $40.00 for 450 minutes of talk. Their data plan (e-mail and web included) will cost the same as it does for the Droid, $30.00. One feature that AT&T doesn’t have is the Wi-Fi Hotspot which will cost users an extra $20.00 to add to their plan. Verizon will also include a $60.00 voice and unlimited texting plan, compared to AT&T’s $60.00 voice plan with no texting included. Data wise, Verizon will offer unlimited data for $30.00 while AT&T offers a 2GB data plan for $25.00. Pre-orders were being accepted yesterday, February 3, 2011.