One of the most talked about topics in the nation is the recent release that Verizon will also host Apple’s iPhone. One of the most recent surveys state that an astonishing 2.5 million customers will be switching from AT&T to Verizon. So, will it cost less to switch from AT&T? It all depends on when you bought your iPhone. If you purchased your iPhone before June 2010 than your early termination fee is a nice amount of $175.00, then subtract $5.00 for each month you have paid for your iPhone. Now, for the jaw dropper… If you bought you iPhone after June 1, which is mostly the iPhone 4 users, than your fee is an astonishing $325.00 then subtract $10.00 for each paid month. So, you could spend less switching (by buying Verizon’s VZ or Fortune 500) or you could be looking at a soaring bill. Another positive effect for you switchers is that Verizon will offer $30.00 unlimited data, but only for a limited time. Here is one thing that will help you though. Verizon’s trade in service (which you will have to use because of different setups in the phones from company-company) will depend on how good of condition your iPhone is in, but that still means you will have to pay at least $150.00 for your new iPhone 16GB, but this is in Verizon gift cards, not cash. When all is said and done though, your main reasoning for switching is going to be just how much you want Verizon present day.