Images by Ian DiMartino, Special Techtronica Reporter

This past CES, Samsung did a great job decorating their booth. Visitors to Samsung’s display were greeted by an archway that hosted a mass of video screens that were arranged to look like a world map. More from Samsung’s World of TV’s after the break.

Though I am not entirely sure of what Samsung’s theme was for CES 2011, I am sure that this display had something to do with it. At their booth, Samsung showed off their latest TVs to the consumer public. Some to be released in the near future and concept models that may never see mass production. this picture deserved some recognition for artistic creativity to attract attention their way. Way to go Samsung!

TVMonumentAnother one of Samsung’s funky displays

Samsung did indeed have on of the best looking booths at CES. It showed pizazz and how much money Samsung has to throw around for such an occasion.