Today was all the hype that it was expected to be. With Verizon and Apple teaming up again to bring you the iPhone. Verizon is considered the Nation’s largest wireless carrier with well over 93 million subscribers. The iPhone has been a deal in the making according to Verizon CEO, and Apple COO. Since 2008 Apple and Verizon have been itching to release what many people have been dreaming about since the first iPhone release on AT&T who is no longer the exclusive carrier of the iPhone. Though only on CDMA/Evdo Rev-O, Verizon is prepared to offer their loyal subscribers and soon to be subscribers Unlimited Data and 3G mobile hot spot which is unheard of on AT&T. To add fuel to the fire, upset AT&T users are eager to drop AT&T and switch to Verizon because of poor customer service, bad call quality, dropped called among various other things. The iPhone 5 which is expected to release on both Verizon and AT&T in July this year is expected to be a dual mode phone being able to run off of the new LTE technology and CDMA/Evdo Rev-O, along with AT&T’s supposed 4G HSPA+ and the soon to be AT&T LTE network. Whether or not AT&T will recover from this. Verizon is Expected to pick up anywhere from 5-10 million subscribers while also subsidizing more that 5 billion dollars on iPhones pricing to make it more affordable for their subscribers to upgrade. Analyst suspected that T-mobile and Sprint had the most to lose in this deal because now the two top dogs in the industry have the worlds most popular phone.

I myself will be getting the iPhone 4 or possibly the iPhone 5. Being a subscriber of Verizon’s top notch network, I prefer reliability over speed, and the speed isn’t to bad anyways. I live in a Rural area in Wyoming and AT&T doesn’t even come close to scratching the area with the closest service area for AT&T being 78 miles north west up in Jackson, WY. Only time will tell how well Verizon does with the iPhone, but you could say, it is the greatest thing since the Game Boy Color.