As promised, Apple has made the Mac App Store live for all Mac OS X Snow Leopard users. The Mac App Store is now live and breathing with over thousand Apps. You need to execute the Software Update in your Mac OS X Snow Leopard based Mac. That will show up the Mac OS X 10.6.6 update packing Mac App Store along with  couple of bug fixes in it. Alternatively, the Mac OS X 10.6.6 can be downloaded on your Mac directly by clicking here. Then do the needful – update your Snow Leopard and restart the Mac.

Speaking in simpler terms, Mac App Store to Mac OS X based Mac is what App Store is to iOS based iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The Mac App Store will include both and free apps in variety of categories. Here’s a good part – you can use existing iTunes account to purchase the Apps from the Mac App Store. Of course all those region related limitations are bound to follow. For instance, the particular may not be visible to countries where iTunes or App Store doesn’t intend to sell it.


Looks wise, Mac App Store logo carries the blueish color shade and is perfect mash-up of App Store symbol and iTunes 10 colors. The Mac App Store interface is very similar to iTunes. Inside the Mac App Store, you’ll find all variety of Apps from different categories like News, Business, Entertainment, Social Networking and so on. Apple will also sell its own programs/applications like the iWork Suite apps and iLife Apps through the Mac App Store. Purchasing, downloading and installing apps would be just matter of clicks. The Mac App Store will keep track of free updates released for your purchased or free installed Mac Apps.

Stay tuned for hands-on with the Mac App Store and some of the new apps available, including the New Twitter App and Angry Birds.