It’s CES time again and Google’s released a video about Android 3.0 Honeycomb!


Yes, that’s right, Android 3.0 is all about tablets. While there IS android on tablets already, it never really worked out perfectly, and that’s what 3.0 is fixing. Right int he start of the video, you get a quick look at the lock screen, and it sets the mood for what it all looks like. The home screen has a few widgets on it and some icons leading to different apps like gmail and the web. The screen sort of turns to the right, to what looks like another screen for something, it has a few people saying things on Google Talk, and some youtube videos, most likely from a channel they’ve subscribed to. The next screen, at 0:22, looks quite a bit like that new mission control screen Apple showed off last year in their OSX Lion demo, but that could just be a coincidence. From there, it shows you dragging different widgets into your many different home screens.

A 1-second look at 3.0’s lockscreen?

The web browsing looks a whole lot like google chrome, only with Android 3.0’s dark greyish blue color. And if you’ll believe the video, it loads the internet just as fast as chrome too! After that, it goes to the e-book reader. I’ve never quite understood reading books on a tablet, it just seems like it’ll hurt your eyes after a while, but my grandparents seem into it with their iPad so I won’t say it’s completely useless. The pages turn just like they do on an iPad, only sligltly slower and not very smooth. The gmail app has been made specifically for tablets to make it work better as well. It does seem to work exactly like the email on the iPad though…

Android 3.0 is the one in the corner, and the iPad is the big one. See some similarities?

The youtube app has also been completely re-designing. The video shows a lot of random videos, which is probably what it looks like when you search for videos. Next, some thing about the little green android man standing on the moon. It’s set up just like the actual website, which is great because I don’t like closing out my youtube video to get to everything on the iPad. Google Talk looks like Apple’s Facetime or any other video conference program, and Google Maps has street view and will show the buildings as big grey 3D blocks. Overall, Honeycomb looks like a big upgrade over have 2.0 on a tablet. Would I buy one over an iPad? Well yes, I would, but the decision will be up to you when it comes out.