Ok everyone, to your corners!

I was laying in bed until few minutes ago I decided to check Twitter on my phone just to come across a very interesting argument. Dave Winer somehow got fueled up on an article from Tech Crunch claiming that Facebook and Twitter are killing RSS feeds.

He started twanting (tweeting+ranting) about how Tech Crunch is dead because they depend upon their feeds (he pretty much kept repeating it so I’ll just say ad nauseum.) Michael Arrington now goes on the defense. “It’s not our fault that RSS is dead…”, tweets Arrington. From there, plates and kitchen knives were tossed back and forth occasionally carrying obscenities with them. Poor Robert Scoble just seemed to just watch as the fight happened interjecting every now and then with retweets of the argument.

The Winner?

Well when the dust finally settled, it was kinda hard to tell. Dave Winer went insane. Michael Arrington almost died in the RSS noose Winer put around his neck. I say Robert Scoble won.