Google has finally unveiled its long awaited web store for the upcoming release of its Chrome OS. Rumors flew around about an online store since it was said that the Chrome OS was going to be cloud-based.

At first look, this website is very clean, streamlined, and white like all of Google’s website. The site is also very well organized. You can see that be looking at the modules on either side of the site and various categories laid out in the middle. As you can see at the top, you have to log in via your Google account info. Also, when you purchase anything on the site, you get routed through Google Checkout where you can use various means of payment to complete your transaction.

While I can’t provide too much more information since I haven’t had much time to play around more with the site, I encourage you to explore it for yourself. You can check out the Chrome Web Store here. If you find anything interesting, post your findings in the comments below.