Okay, first I would like to start by apologize for not posting in like forever. I got real busy with school and family matters. Okay so now you  know that lets get to this bizarre article.


Facebook has moved just a little closer to trademarking “face” in at least some context. Facebook’s 2005 application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received a “notice of allowance” Tuesday, which means Facebook now has six months to show that it uses the trademark and pay a $100 fee, said Cynthia Lynch, administrator for trademark policy and procedure at the agency. Or, it can file for an extension for up to 36 months. Once that’s done, the trademark can be approved or rejected.

Even if it’s approved, Facebook wouldn’t have a trademark on “face” in every instance, only in online chat rooms and in forums for the “transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter,” according to the Patent and Trademark Office’s database entry on the application. It oddly exempts uses “primarily featuring or relating to motoring or to cars.” So if another company say Delta Airlines uses face in a different context it is not trade marketed. Facebook sought to trademark the word in December 2005. Since then, no one has filed an opposition to the proposed trademark. Facebook is also trying to rein in use of the other half of its name. In August, it filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Teachbook.com, an online community for teachers. The “face” trademark notice was reported earlier by several blogs, including Inside Facebook.

My Opinion:

Okay, Time for my opinion on all this so love me, hate me, I’m good either way. I think that they shouldn’t trademark “face” but “Facebook”. For many reasons it’s a word we use every time! Also they shouldn’t have filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Techbook they didn’t do anything. Techbook was created  2002-10-21 and Facebook was created October 28, 2003. So Techbook had the name first. So there’s my opinion love me or hate me.