On October 22, 1998, Asmik Ace unleashed their monster on the world. Well, just Japan, but with the power of the internet, it’s being played today all over the world. It makes no sense. It’s random. It’s LSD, and it’s a reminder to the world why you don’t mess with Japan. It’s LSD. And it’s a PSone game, not a drug.

It only gets stranger from here.

LSD has a much greater history then just being worked on for a while and released in 1998, though. The whole thing started 10 years before, when one man kept a log of every dream he had. For 10 years. When the Playstation came out, and the man was working at Asmik Ace, he thought it might be a good idea to make a game out of all those dreams. And playing the game, one can assume the guy was completely crazy.

LSDGameCome on, who’s dreams look like this?

LSD is an adventure game, although you don’t do much, so it’s more like some sort of media that isn’t a game. The game is a huge world, and you walk (or run) around it and just look at all the crazy crap that goes on. Touching just about ANYTHING will teleport you somewhere else. ANYTHING. Any wall or something you can touch will teleport you somewhere else. Touching some things will open up a cutscene, like the ferris wheel.


After you fall, or do something that triggers the end of the dream, a chart will appear. The chart is some face, and it’s labeled with Upper, Downer, Static, and Dynamic. I don’t know what that means, and I don’t think anyone else knows what that means. The cool thing about the game is that every dream is different. The areas may be the same, but things will be in different places or missing, certain textures will be different, etc etc. This makes the game always fresh and fun to play. Another nice feature is the ability to go back to older dreams and play them again. Without that feature, you’ll probably never get the same dream twice. However, there’s a man in a trenchcoat that just walks forward. If you touch him, you can’t go back and play that dream again.

I give this game a 8/10, my only problem with the game is that you can’t interact much with the world around you. When you get the chance, go set up your PS1 emulator and grab yourself a copy of LSD. It’s definitely worth the time spent finding the right plugins. (I don’t care how rare it is, please emulate it legally.)