Today, Facebook announced a new system of messaging between people at once where the control of the conversation is in the users hands. In the next few months a few new changes will be added Facebook to help make instant communication more centralized. In the video Facebook’s Joel Seligstein created, he categorizes the new system into 5 major new chapters.

Chapter 1: A Person And A Message

In the online world there are 3 main forms of communication, E-Mail, SMS, and Social Network Messages (IM & PM’s). Facebook’s thoughts are to make this simple so the user doesn’t need to use different services to just send a message.

Chapter 2: A Conversation

Facebook wants users to be able to choose how they would like to connect. So Facebook will be releasing an option for users to get an @facebook.com E-Mail address. It will allow users of E-Mail to connect with you via Facebook. The New E-Mail system is based on the idea of chat, specifically the simplicity of it. The E-Mail system for these Facebook Emails will feel like a Chat session you and a friend would have using Facebook Chat.

Chapter 3: The Social Inbox

Facebook wants users to have their users to have only their friends to send them emails, not so they are together with spam and a bill. The Social Inbox will only show messages from your friends and their friends, not your bank.

Chapter 4: This Is NOT E-Mail

E-Mail addresses are to easy to get into the wrong hands and once they do, one must go about living with it or changing the email address all together. Facebook wants to make it so you can select who you want to receive Facebook E-Mail from. So if someone tries to annoy you, you can click Block. Also for people who don’t use Facebook, their emails can be added to your Social Inbox so you can see them.

Chapter 5: Social Context

Conversations should be centered around the person and not the subject, so Facebook decided to make a simple setup that just shows the senders name and their message. Facebook is also making it easy for people to respond via their method of choice.

The main goal around all of this is so integrate Seamless Messaging into the lives of every Facebook user.