Personal data could become commodity

By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley

hands on a laptop The CEA said users need to more aware of what they reveal online

Companies that want to make use of the personal information people put online should pay for it, the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has said.

It made the statement as it released a list of five technology trends to watch for the year ahead.

Privacy was top of the list, which also included mobile and green technology.

“The mining of personal data is here to stay; there is just too much money at stake to imagine otherwise,” said Sean Murphy, of the organisation.

“Privacy is only going to continue to get increased attention in the years and months to come,” said Mr Murphy who authored the report Selling The Stories Or Our Lives: Technology and Privacy.

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4 thoughts on “Personal data could become commodity

        • Yup! but still I am not comfortable with the idea. Cause once the start paying for it, God knows what they’d feel confident of doing with your data. It is different than when they were stealing it.


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