Just this morning while sipping some coffee I heard my brother down the hall saying that Verizon was going to start selling the iPad. I thought, no way this can not be. But when I looked into the matter i then knew he wasn’t joking. By following this link(http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/ipad.jsp) you can go to the Verizon site to see for yourself. Though this is only the Wifi model of the iPad, it is being offered with the MiFi device thru Verizon wireless. This i think is an amazing step in the right direction. It only shows that Verizon and Apple are willing to work together to reach a wider variety of customers and users. To add to this, it also may give us an incite on what to expect from both Verizon and Apple in the next coming months. With Apple working on iPhones with LTE and both Verizon and AT&T moving forward to distribute their 4G LTE wireless, we can only speculate that these recent actions by Apple and Verizon put us one step closer to having the ever sought after, Verizon iPhone.

Recently you may have heard rumors about Apple getting shipments of hundreds of thousands of CDMA chips for their devices. This may have some tangibility to it now with this recent release. According to an Apple Fan site, Apple’s COO confirmed that Apple and Verizon Wireless were working hard on relations to open up to a larger customer bases for selling products such as the iPad.