Binary code

Geeks united yesterday when the clock hit 12 AM in proper time zones. Binary day had dawned upon us. What is Binary Day you ask? Simple. It’s a day that has the date 10/10/10. This only happens twice each century. So as you can see its a rare occasion. The funny thing is, this is the first real time such a thing could be celebrated. The last time this day happened there was no such thing as binary or even technology as we know it today.

Instead of looking at yesteryear let’s look at yesterday. I knew a few days in advance that Binary Day was fast approaching. Unfortunately for me I didn’t plan anything to celebrate. I instead spent my Saturday sick in bed with the house to myself. Fun huh? Well, let’s look at what other people around the world did with their Binary Day. offered some tips to keep your Binary Day interesting, even while learning. Here are just a few:



Check out a 47-first stellation of icosidodecahedron morphing with 26-first stellation of icosahedron.


Yeah, I didn’t understand any of that either, but that’s the technical name for the first CGI character to appear in a movie — the Bit from the original Tron Why not rewatch it now in anticipation of the new movie?
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Have some silly fun translating words into binary and vice-versa using Nick Ciske’s online translator.
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Rave on to some early ’90s electronica and watch the psychedelic video for 10×10 from the album ‘Gorgeous’ by 808 State. They also did another song titled ‘1 in 10′, but that featured UB40 so the less said about that the better.
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On quick note here, did you know that 101010 in binary is an asterisk or a * ? Well now you do ;)

Well that about does it here. We want to hear about what you did for Binary Day. Even if you didn’t do anything special, we like to hear interesting stories. Just leave them in the comments below!