I know I’m a little late with this weeks’ Website of the Week, but it is worth the wait. I first found out about this site when I was host the Online World podcast on Landor Industries Live with Ben Sanders a little over a week ago. Ben was reviewing some websites and this site happened to be one of them. I introduce to you, Incredibox.

Incredibox is a curious website made in Adobe Flash by web devs in France. It is a music oriented website that allows your imagination to soar as you experiment with different beatbox-like techniques. We’ll get into the musical portion later. Let’s look at the design.

For the most part, the website sticks with the black a white theme (though if you  look and click carefully, there are some instances where some color is added.) The site has a simple design that is easy to navigate. Now that we have the looks of the site down, let’s see how it handles.

When first coming to the site, you are presented with a page just like the one pictured above, You have two options listed below the site name. You can either use the site in French or English.

Then you are presented with a lone character on a gray gradient with several tools below. This will be your work area. The first step is to apply a tool (whether it be an instrument,vocals,etc.) to the character by dragging and dropping.

The further you get along, the more characters are added (to which you can apply more tools.) A maximum of seven characters can be used at any given time. If there is a sound that you aren’t satisfied with, you can just click it and it will make a quick exit off the screen. Then you can make proper adjustments to the next character that pops up.

There are some pretty cool bonuses also. At the bottom among the tools (using the yellow highlighted icon as an example in the image above) you see three icons grouped together.Each one does something special. Try them out and see what happens.

The site is pretty entertaining overall. Very well put together. That is what makes Incredibox the Website of the Week this week. Get your musical groove on with this medley of melodies. Check out the site here. As a bonus for you, we would like to see what you come up with. You can make a YouTube video of you mix and paste the video URL as a comment. The best video may end up getting a little special something ;)

NOTE: The site does mention that a version 2 is coming out soon. We shall keep an eye out for that.