Today, news broke that Google’s Android OS phones has overtaken Apple’s iPhone as number one selling phones. Of course Eric Schmidt deserves the commendation, but his reaction to  the story is what got me foaming. If you read the following excerpt and still can’t see Android as Google’s trojan into your life, then you deserved to be milked as a cow.

Here is the excerpt:
“It may not exactly be a huge surprise given the recent market share numbers, but Google CEO Eric Schmidt has recently confirmed that Android is, in fact, profitable for the company. Of course, it doesn’t make all that money from Android directly, but Schmidt says that Android-based phones are already generating enough advertising revenue to cover the cost of development. What’s more, while he doesn’t provide any current specific numbers, Schmidt did say that he expects there to someday be one billion Android phones in the world, and that if each one generated just $10 per user per year it would be a $10 billion business…” (Source:

This begs the question how can Android be so profitable without selling out on the users. It has already been shown that most of Android apps all send users’ data. Google keeps a tight control on the location based services; knowing where you are at any time in the world, and knows what and where you surf. A tag is being kept of your life. Hopefully it wont turn to bite you in the future.