I feel the urge these past period to right the wrong, to present the other side of the Net that Techblogger don’t talk about. You hardly hear these days the consequence of using a particular product, and coupled with the fact the techbloggers are getting more and more myopic in my opinion. Most them assert to be journalistic, but they lack the independence of a journalist; the ability to light up an issue from both sides. All you need to do is ask a techblogger what products he uses to know in which camp he sits. I know for fact that most Techbloggers are Macbook huggers, and die-hard Apple fans, so how can you get the truth from such people. If you hear them talk, you would think Apple is the dominating force in the world, but when I look at statistics (http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php ) I see a completely different picture.


Now to real issue of my topic today, I am shocked to see how naïve people are when it comes to Google and its products. Just look at how many people use GMail and all products surrounding it. Then let’s talk of Android popularity, since Apple’s capture of the phone market, all competing phone manufacturer has dropped WinMo platform and rush headlong into Android to provide viable alternative to iPhone. I don’t blame them. The demise of WinMo is its own doing. MS has left Windows Mobile alone for too long, and failed to see the tide, so WinMo is an era. Let it be so.


But, is Android now the solution? At what cost? I am worried that people don’t see Google for what it is; an Advertisement company. Don’t come and tell me Google is a search company, no Google is a company that sells Ads. Every company has is revenue source, Apple sells Hardware and Software, Microsoft sells software, Google sells Advertisement period.


So, what happens when an Ad company gives you a product for "Free"? What is the catch? Contrary to popular opinion, nothing comes free in life, you have to pay somehow. No I give you the catch, there is not a single product of Google that doesn’t call home! Not a single one! Everything that you do is being recorded and sent to Google. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? That is the question you will eventually have to answer for yourself.


What does Google do with your data when you use Google Search, Gmail, Android and the rest of Google’s product? Google is recording your whole life and putting it in a vault somewhere never to go away. The time will tell that it is wrong to entrust a single company with so much information. What happens when Google gets hacked and all information is in the streets. Is that Chinese attack not a sign of the things to come? What if the government can force Google to provide you life’s details.


So, is Google evil or not? Just follow Google’s news and you will know for yourself. When Eric Schmidt was asked about people getting nervous that Google is recording too much private data, this is what he said: "If you don’t like being recorded, don’t use Google’s products", freely interpreted by me of course. Search the web, you’ll find his exact quote.

The WiFi data collection issue also points to another fact, how far Google will go to own you. Governments around the world are looking into how much privacy of its citizens Google has breached by its drive-by data collection of Google. Despite what Google claimed, it was shown that Google collected private data with the WiFi data collection.


So, is Google evil or not? Read this recent quotes from Eric Schmidt again in NY Times:

“The best thing that would happen is Facebook would open up its network and we’d use that information to improve our ads and our search,” Mr. Schmidt said. “Failing that, there are other ways in which we can get that information, which is what we’re working on.”

Google’s Android business is flourishing, he said, despite the fact that Google makes no money on it because it gives the mobile operating system away for free.

“I have been surprised at how important Android is for our business,” Mr. Schmidt said. “It’s fundamentally because Android is seen as representative of the new model of computing, and people are dying to put their best applications on an open platform.”



Spoken as a real data thief, watch that he puts "ads" before search, and what "other ways" is he talking about in that Facebook comment? You make such statements when you know a lot about people and company and you can abuse it.

And about Android, how can Android be important to Google if it is free gift to the world and Google is not earning a penny from it. Yes, Android is important to Google because it is Google’s Trojan into your life. If you use Android, Google owns you. Period.


So, when you go bouncing around with Google’s products, hold the truth at the back of your head that you are giving your life away to a data thief. What Google is doing, if it is done in the physical world will be called pilferage; pure stealing. But it is tolerated because Google has become too big to neglect, and too big to fail. Time will teach us a lesson about entrusting too much to a single company. As for me, I will not be found dead using a Google’s product. I have never, used their product, and will continue to do so as long as there are alternatives. Me, I’ll live free, or die hard avoiding the cage.