As we push farther into the year and closer to winter and with fall starting only thursday the 23rd, you may wonder what sort of tech related things are on the menu. Many companies are throwing their best pies at the consumers like Samsung with the extension of the Galaxy S series, Motorola with their various phones up for release, and many games and smaller hand held systems being released. These items will keep you entertained and will definately spark interest in even some of the people who are not so tech savvy. But for those of you that are already tech savvy, here are a few pointers for keeping you from going board this coming fall and winter.

First, subscribe to free tech insider emails. You will find these to be very informative, and rather entertaining.

Second, Follow major tech companies on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes you may find out about things that may have yet to be talked about to the larger audiences of the world.

Third, Try out new software. You don’t need to buy the software, but rather try them out. Most software companies allow you to try out their product for a set amount of time and it is a great time to get to know them, and to decide which one is right for you.

All these tips will keep you informed and entertained on a daily basis. They provide a sense of Tech Adventure and inspire you to try more new things to keep you busy until the latest and greatest of the tech industry comes out.