As of late many people have been excited about the recent releases of all of the Galaxy S phones by Samsung. But stepping into the ring with the iPad was an unexpected new comer. The Galaxy S series as strong as it is, just couldn’t get any stronger some thought, with Samsung challenging the phone market hold Apple has had for touch screen phones.

The Galaxy S Tablet was announced a few weeks ago and still has some people wondering. With a version of this tablet coming to each carrier, it will be exclusive to 3G and 4G coverage, and will be running the ever popular Android OS. The Galaxy S Tablet will be using a new mobile processor Samsung is developing and is now for the first time releasing a Dual Core mobile processor, which it’s speeds have yet to be announced. This same processor will be implimented into the Galaxy S phones sometime after the Galaxy S Tablet’s release. There is no know price on this device other than some speculations of anywhere from $200-$1000. The Galaxy S Tablet will also be featuring another impressive screen by samsung, but instead of a Super AMOLED Screen, the tablet will bost a very nice wide angle 7 inch Super TFT LCD screen which is said to have some of the best viewing angles, while also reducing power consumption and the thickness of the tablet.

No release date has been announced for this tablet, or which carriers will be seeing it first. But as they start to release, prepare yourself for the dual of the touch pad devices.