And I thought I’ve seen everything, but this just takes the cake. This is a mosaic of Katy Perry made up of Twitter users tweeting with the hashtag #KatyOnToday while she performed on the Today Show. Wondering how to get your piece of Twitter artistry? Well, thanks to the good people at Hashtag Art, it is open to the public.

     Hashtag Art is aimed towards those on Twitter who have a rather large audience or a cause. they make it so easy that even a caveman could do it (sorry Geico :P) When starting a campaign, you are presented with a six-paged document that outlines the features of Hashtag Art and the steps you have to take to create a successful campaign.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t free. However Hashtag Art has reasonable pricing options available for those interested. Are you interested? Head on over to and start your new art inspired campaign today!