I remember the day Google Chrome was released. It was a bright summers’ day…who am I kidding? I’m even not sure if it was in fact a summer day, but what I do know is that myself along with millions of others were anxiously anticipating the release of the search engine giants’ browser. I was constantly refreshing my browser to see if the floodgates had opened until…the dam burst. Faster than a speeding bullet, I was whizzing around cyberspace in the blazing glory that is Google Chrome.

To this day, Chrome is still one of the speediest browsers out there which has far outgrown its infancy stage. It has a slightly more polished UI and is a lot more stable than when it was first conceived. Menus have been combined, buttons have been moved, and of course we have our beloved themes.

There are too many changes to mention, but if there is one thing we want to convey, we want to wish Chrome a happy birthday.