Galaxy S Phones by Samsung


If you thought the Android Phones couldn’t get better than you need to take a second glance at the amazing new line of phones by Samsung called the Galaxy S. Product line of the i9000. The Galaxy S phones pack a punch with a specially designed processor made by Samsung that comes clocked at 1.0GHz. The speed and functionality of the Galaxy S phones is also something not to be triffled with.

With Social Networking at your finger tips you can update everything at once without downloading any external applications, which makes this phone very attractive to many on the go tweeters or facebookers. Speaking of Beauty, The Touch Wiz 3.0 Interface is flawless. With seemless multi-touch integrated and made possible with the super thin Super AMOLED Screens, the phones have great screen clairity, and sensitivity while also allowing more room for more power.

Samsung Currently has released the Captivate, and the Vibrant, while the Fascinate, and the Epic will be released in the coming month to the anxious users ready to get hands on with this sleek and powerful new line of Android Phones that will really add a new meaning to Android Touch Screen Phones.