Ever want to be alerted when you were approaching one of your frequent check-in spots? Then this app is for you. 4SquareMinder is a pretty cool app that I like to use to keep track of my check-in locations from Foursquare.

The layout of 4SquareMinder is seemingly simple but can be a bit tricky. Once logged in through my Foursquare account I was presented with a screen similar to the one in the upper-right hand corner. When first used, the screen is blank. The opening screen is reserved for check-ins you want to keep track of. You are presented with two tabs at the top. One is tracked Venues and the other is Friends. Tracked Venues obviously lists check-ins that are selected to be tracked. Friends lists your Foursquare friends and their information.

The bottom bar lists other tools to use. If you have received any badges, a picture of a trophy appears at the bottom and lists your achievements. to the left of that there is a stop sign that disables tracking. Next is a picture of a satellite to enable tracking. There is also a search feature to add to search for check-ins and the ever so important hour glass to take you to the screen similar to the one on the upper left-hand corner of this post. There you can choose what venues to track.

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