Phantasmagoria (Sierra Online, 1995)


Pictures used Copyrighted to Sierra Online (Phantasmagoria, 1995)

Ok, I thought it was time for a second ‘Tech Trek’, I’m really bored and I thought I would write this, This time I am gonna focus on gaming through the ‘popular period’, (1980 – 1999) but I will be focusing on one notable company during that time, that is Sierra Online, I am going to focus on one game that was the most popular for sierra online

Firstly Sierra Online (Which was started 1980 by Roberta williams and her husband Ken, they created the first ever graphical PC game called Mystery House, soon after that they were making a load of games) Release a game called Phantasmagoria in 1995, It was a CD game and was one of sierra’s first gtames to make the playable character a real actor, filmed in bluescreen (see below)



That game cost $4,000,000 to make and featured 3D graphics and loads of real actors, 7 CD’s worth of Video and a really gory game, the game was horror, the idea is the character (Adrienne Delaney) enters a house that was owned by an evil magician, she does not know this… she accidentally releases the demon that was in the Evil Magician (Carno) and it infests in her husband (Donald Gordon) and over 7 days he gets more nasty, each day she sees how Carno killed his 6 Wives, on the 7th day, Adrienne tries to leave but cannot (see photo on top) and she is chased and can be killed by her husband

The Games Main Actresses/Actors are Victoria Morsell and David Homb who play Adrienne and Don, the whole game is shot on bluescreen and Victoria had to spend 4 months in front of the bluescreen showing all of the movements of the character, the game is point and click and features an 8-slotted Inventory and a one-click system, the game was released in 1995

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