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Let’s step back in time for a bit… but before we do, my name is christhecoolboy, I am a new blog writer for TechTronica… I hope to be writing blogs and be part of this site for a long time… Ok, stepping back in time? What do I mean by that? Well, for a start, we cant actually go back through time, but I wanna make some of the older people remember parts of the past about technology and make some of the younger members learn about technologies past and where it could go, this will be in many parts, This is the “Tech Trek” series, and this is episode 1, called ‘Starting Paths’

This first story looks about the starting of things like domestic computers and parts of the making of the internet, the series will start on a ground which I think all these members know about, computers! well, firstly… the RAM or memory wasn’t very good, people used casettes or Floppy discs that could easily break or fail to load for some other reason…  The IBM 5100 was an early computer, released September 1978, ok… let’s read those specs… 16 KB minimum, 64 KB maximum, and yes that is Kylobyes, tiny screen, keyboard and casette reader, no mouse! everything was DOS and BASIC! minimum price $8975, maximum price $19,975

WOAH!!! thats a lot of money for a computer… so we know how computer, now whats a BBS? I’ll tell you… It’s a Bulletin Board System… the idea is someone made a program in Basic… that connects via a modem, then they code in all this stuff like downloads and chat and a forum like things and you have to register, it’s like a website of yesteryear, then this person sells his program on a floppy disk, then when people use that program they can sign up and talk to other people…

This can be very popular, but very few BBS’s still exsist… they were taken over by the internet, when Windows 95 came out in 1995, it got really easy for people to get on the internet that was created a few years before, and it even looked even better… so like 80% of the people who were on the BBS’s moved over to the internet… and the owners, named sysops, died out, so not that many people kept running BBS’s

Well, Thats it… the end of the first Tech Trek episode, I hope you like it, I will be back with another episode soon… Thanks for viewing this post and feel free to comment on this post, I always love to have suggestions as well… Bye :-)