In the wake of me watching the ever-so epic Scott pilgrim Vs. The World movie along with my brother and a friend, I had the privilege on getting my hands on a PS3 to play the equally awesome 8-bit game. I’ve played my share of 8-bit games in the past (still do too) but this game takes the cake. The game, like the movie, is long but, also like the movie, it is very entertaining.

The character choice starts out simple with your choice of Scott, Ramona, Kim, and Stills. When the action first started, the game instantly reminded me of the Simson’s 2D side-scrolling arcade game. The action seemed simple at first, but i quickly found out that this was not so. The characters quickly pick up new moves as the characters level up. I was impressed with some of the moves I was pulling of. Like scissor kicking a mini-boss in the face or getting hyped off of caffeinated coffee and mad-dashing baddies before they even had a chance. The music to go along with the game is surprisingly good. Even the pause menu screen offers something to bop your head to. The game also sports interesting little quirks like hidden  and not-so-hidden shops to buy items to increase your stats in the game. Anything from energy drinks to bionic arms and beyond. That’s as far as I got with the game and my mind was blown.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World The Game:




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