Well maybe the Google Android mascot we’ve come to know and love doesn’t look like and maybe it didn’t say “May I See Your License”,but be aware, Android is now providing some “Law Enforcement” for those app developers that want to protect their apps from being unscrupulously distributed over the interwebs. Now here’s the low-down.

Google has brought online their licensing server that will monitor the legitimacy of apps using the license that are purchased on the Android Market or apps that have the licensing code written into the program and are being shared online. This is an interesting security feature that Google has decided to implement, which I can say has been long overdue. however, there are many what ifs floating about. Is there a possibility that legitimate apps can be wrongly illegitimate? What if the feature fails all together? I haven’t seen too many details on the specific nature of the licensing service but I’m sure if you go looking, you’re bound to run into some info. If you find anything more out, leave a comment below or email at techtronica@landorindustries.com.