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The title says it all. The beloved pioneering Android device that flew solo for nearly a year is being taken of the main line. This had already been foreseen due to the fact that many more advanced Android devices have been released into the market making the aging G1 look like a happy meal toy. Continues after the break.

I should be dissing the G1 so hard. I had one for over a year until I got my hands on a Nexus One. In my honest opinion, it was a good phone. Sure there were the times where the phone would go unresponsive just as a call was coming in. Don’t all phones do that? I digress. The phone ran at 512 Mhz , 265MB ROM, 192 RAM, all running underneath a 3.2″ screen. This phone has broken ground and paved the way for the Android platform giving Apple a good run for its money. it shall be missed. Goodbye G1! It’s been nice knowing you.