If we may believe the Anti-Microsoft camp, MS is dead, at least in the mobile device arena. See this past week the bickering between Google and Apple. Before, these two were hand-in-glove to see to the demise of MS (even Eric Schmidt was on the board of directors of Apple), now they are celebrating the exit of MS and having a serious in-fighting as to who should reign supreme.
The thought just occurred to me, just imagine if indeed MS fails to do a come-back-kid act and become relevant again, where does a dude go for his gadgets and software? It is a thought that leaves those of us not really dazzled by Apple and Goggle’s products in a cold-sweat. If MS becomes immaterial and inconsequential, the only two that will be ruling the world will be Apple and Google. God forbid such a future I say! I will not be found dead or alive in Google’s camp because Google is a data-thief(see their Wi-Fi data collection issue), they don’t care about my privacy. I don’t want to have anything to do with a company that considers its users to be mules to be milked for data. Google will sell your data to the highest bidder! Neither do I want to live in a walled-garden of Apple. In which I am only allowed to fart when SteveJ says so.
So here I am with an outdated WinMo device. It is looking like MS has lost its way, Google’s Android is ruling on a thousand-and-one devices, you don’t see the forest anymore from the trees of Android. Apple’s platform is made for suckers, people with lots of money with a tick of low self-esteem. They need the shiny gadgets of Apple to feel human. Don’t want to join the camp of these religious fanatics too.
So what does a dude choose in a post MS world? Really, I hate to think about it; I pray it doesn’t happen. Please MS wake-up from this coma of yours and restore some balance in this mobile arena. But if I have to choose, then rather in a walled-garden than live with a Data-thief called google; sorry, no Android for me!