Well time has come for me to switch up my cellphone. My old phone, the T-Mobile G1 (The HTC Dream), has served its usefulness for the year and a half I have had it. Eventually time told me it was time to replace it. Things have not been looking good for future updates (other than the promised Eclair update.) That led me to start looking for another eye-catching Android smartphone. As of January this year, Google unveiled the Nexus One at CES in Las Vegas. That’s about when I first heard about this phone.



I have since then done my research and decided to go with this phone. Sure there were some other great Android phones out there but none that met my standards, especially with T-Mobile. The only other option with T-Mobile was the MyTouch, and I’m not too crazy about that phone. All the other recently released Android phones are with other networks like the Motorola Droid with Verizon. Since I am locked with T-Mobile for two years, that is a definite no-no. Plus I prefer GSM anyway ;)

I believe the Nexus One is a great phone especially because of it’s features. I can’t say too much now because mine hasn’t come in yet. So I will be doing an in-depth review once I have had time to play with it a bit. This was just a heads up post just to let you guys know where I am right now. So I say good-bye G1 and hello Nexus One! I am, however, keeping the G1 as a backup phone just in case something happens. You never know. More to come. Just keeping you guys informed!