Hello there iPAD, welcome to our world. You turned out uglier than we expected and you miss a lot attributes or shall I say appendages; and what an awful name your father gave you, I am sure you’re not proud of it, possibly you will change your own name when you mature.
Hopefully you are going to succeed where others have failed. Knowing your father SJ has the power to move the masses, we hope you are going to pave the path for the Tablet era and bring us the revolution we’ve all been waiting for.
You yourself know you are not the first like your father and everyone will make the world believe, even you didn’t pretend to be the panacea that you’ve been proclaimed you will be. Your CPU can hardly manage the full of a business applications, you turned out to be only a leisure device; to be carried around by people with little self-image.
Take a look at your big brother HP TC1100, aren’t you jealous of its bezel and its connectivity, for a device that was built 6-years ago? Aren’t you jealous it can run circles around you in terms of performance? We love your humble birth into this world, hopefully you will grow in the future to be something the masses will run after.
You ask why I wish you all the best knowing I hate your father’s camp? Because I am selfish, because I am tired of crappy products from Microsoft OEMs; they abandoned the slate format and jumped on the Convertibles bandwagon. Because I have been loving Slate TabletPC format since BillG launched it in 2000, and I hate the mediocre product the TabletPC manufacturers have been producing throughout the years.
The only TabletPC that is worthy of our attention is the HP’s TC1100, a product we all expected much of, but was still-born; murdered by its own parent HP before it could see the limelight. Shame on you HP! Double shame on you HP for abandoning the TC1100 productline and letting Apple steal your thunder! Because of you iPAD will not to know its big brother and its competition in the marketplace. Now iPAD is all alone in this tablet world getting all the attention and not knowing what to do with it.
iPAD, we of the tabletPC community(http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/) whish you’ll grow up to be something like the TC1100, kick Microsoft and its OEM’s butts so they will wake up from their slumber and start producing something we will be proud of. As functional and pretty as you may be, we at the Microsoft camp will not buy you because your father believe in total world domination. We don’t want to be told what to do and what not to do; we love this open Microsoft platform where anybody is allowed to produce anything, and we can install anything we want. But we don’t want to play second to the best, so we wish you all the best with your launch iPAD. Go ahead make the masses go crazy, let the competition begin! Bring us the tablet revolution. Bring it ON iPAD!!!! Long live the Slate format!!!