I was prompted today to vent my frustration with MS. Please find my MS feedback as below:
I am an staunch MS supporter, defending popular opnion and FUDs about MS Products, but boy I am getting really pissed right now? I visited your MS Reader page today to see if you guys have an update for MS reader. I was overjoyed to see that there has been an update to MS Reader PPC for Touch devices.
With much anticipation, I quickly installed it, only to find my expectation dashed to nothing. What the *@#%!@% is wrong with Microsoft? You are being beaten right and left by competition, all you can put out for yet another product update is a mediocre update. Why have you guys abandoned MS Reader and other products we’ve come to love?
Why do I have a large screen estate mobile Touch device (TouchHD) with embedded GDI accelerator and still need a stylus to page? Why release an update if doesn’t provide any additional value?
This is getting so tiresome, waiting for MS to see that you are losing your edge by refusing to innovate. Windows Mobile has become a joke, and by refusing to release killer applications on that platform you are gradually killing the platform.
Please wake up from this slumber Microsoft. There are lots of negative comments about you out there at the moment, and we all know "A lie repeated long enough becomes the truth."
Please forward this feedback to the Windows Mobile Team, especially the team responsible for the PPC Reader app. Thanks.
Hopefully you will agree with me that MS needs to start hitting back at competition. It is time for MS to make us proud again.