Well, here we go again! I bet some people will be thinking I am being paid by Microsoft to write this, but nothing could be further from the truth. We in the industry are noticing a certaing worrysome trend at the moment. Nobody says doing business is always fair, but men how low can some companies steap to make a point.
I am talking about this stupid ballot screen idea that is being forced on Microsoft by the EU and the Anti-Microsoft camp. The whole idea is so stupid, it is a reflection of the people that are proposing it. It reflects that these people are no more living the in the reality of the modern 2009/2010 internet age, and we are being manipulated.
The idea that a government can force a company to reveal its secrets to competition is ridiculous, but to go so far as to force a company to advertise for its rival is simply and purely evil. Nothing more, nothing less. Read all about it, don’t forget to read the users comments too.
We the technical community find this ridiculous, even the most anti-microsoft fan-boys find this way too far. Just search the net on the reaction of the users to this proposal. To come in this age and say an average internet user doesn’t know what browsers are out there is unfounded. Given the recent popularity of Firefox, Chrome and Safari, Internet Explorer is no more the "ONLY" web browser out there. Users have proven that they can make their choises, thank you very much!
The EU officers claim to be rescuing end-users from Microsoft, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is obvious from the reaction of competition to the ballot screen that they are not out for fair competition, but for total anihilation of Microsoft. You can blame MS for the past attitude, but the Microsoft of 2009 is a changed company. Given the trend that we are seeing in the upcoming competition (read: Apple, Google, Mozilla) we can conclude they are not better than MS when it comes to monoploy.
Take Mozilla and Google for example, these are the two companies that shouldn’t be colluding with Opera to kill IE because they already have a substantial fan base. Shame on you Mozilla for letting Opera drag you this low. Opera is the most vocal of this group, and they’ve got noting that the users want, else they should be popular like Firefox and Chrome. Microsoft has bent over backwards and concede to carry the ballot box, still it is not good enought for this group. Given all the objections they are raising, we can conclude that there is nothing MS will do that will EVER please Opera and its cohorts; short of folding up and die really.
I am so sick and tired of the "Kill Microsoft" slogan from these anti-MS camp. Their practise is nothing short of ridicule nowadays, and lacks any common sense. They are showing their true color with each passing year that they are sore loosers, and with the current unfair practises, the end-users are seeing through their colors.
The only request from us now is to ask EU to stop this unfair campaign against Microsoft. A biased judge cannot adjucate. These officers at EU office have shown bias and they’ve got personal issues with MS. They cannot be trusted anymore to make faire judgement as far as MS is concerned. Every windows users should join this campaign. There is enough competition at the moment in the OS and browser front, the end-users don’t need to be saved. These individuals from the EU office shouldn’t make their personal problems with MS a national problem.
We can’t kill monopolies just becuase they are monopolies. If this is the law, then we should also kill Google and Apple for their monopolies in certain areas. In fact we should kill any company the moment they command more than 50% of the market. Does this sound ridiculous to you, then it is against Microsoft. If Microsoft dies today, it will impact us all. None of these companies that are accusing MS could take the same drug they are dishing out to MS.
Why can’t cry-baby Opera complain to the EU against Apple to carry its browser with the Macs, or Mozilla Firefox for that matter. Where is it written in our constitution that the monopoly should carry its competition on its shoulder? Should Google be forced to be giving search shares and adverts to Bing? Should Apple be forced to sell the Zune and carry Zune content? These are monopolies too, why doesn’t the rule apply to them? A user of IPod Touch etc should also see a ballot screen to choose to download music from I-Tunes or from the Zune Marketplace when he first turns the device ON. For your information, the Zune business model is financially more user friendly than I-Tunes. Everyone know about I-Tunes, very few people know about the cheaper Zune Marketplace. Why is the EU office not protecting us again the unfair pratice of Apple? Why can’t I play my MS media files (*.wma and *.wmv) on an IPod, while the Zune device play Apple’s media formats.
Wake up people as see the wool that is being pulled over your face. The devil you know (MS) is better than the ones you don’t (Apple, Google etc). EU (and that certain woman that is about to leave office) please stop persecuting Microsoft, this is not fair anymore!