I was at the movie theater the other day seeing Paul Blart: Mall Cop (which was okay, by the way…they tried to be a little too funny) and I was thinking: With media technology advancing quickly, how long can the traditional movie theater last? Can’t we just watch movies in our homes? I think the movies will last for at least another fifty years. Here’s five reasons why:

  • People love going to the movies!
  • It makes them feel good! (Except when they eat too much candy or popcorn, or drank an ICEE too fast) ?
  • It’s relatively cheap! People can go climb a mountain for $1000 for two hours, or they can pay $9 a person and entertain themselves for two hours. ?
  • They get to see NEW movies, and watch them in a high-quality format with spectacular audio. Who doesn’t love that!? ?
  • People get out of the house! When they are sitting at home watching a movie, they feel lazy!

When they’re out and about at the theaters, they feel like they’re doing something fun with their time! It’s a treat! With the economy being as it is, people can get their minds off of their troubles in a movie theater. Whether you are laughing your head off or sitting on the edge of your seat cringing, you’re entertained and thinking about something other than finances.

$10 is a small price to pay for happiness. Technology is becoming more and more advanced, with streaming video from sites such as YouTube and Hulu, as well as hardware like the AppleTV. However, the movies have proved time and time again from their massive revenues that people love the movies – and they won’t stop any time soon.