If you take a look at the schools today, what is the real point of school? Is it to teach kids, or have teachers become out of control? Are kids too stressed to get the right grade to even learn? Here’s an example: a boy, let’s call him Fred, is so worried about getting an “A” in Science that he can’t even focus on what he’s supposed to learn. He ends up with an 89.89, but it is not rounded up, and his teacher will not round. Hasn’t Fred deserved the “A” which he came so very close to, if he has turned in all of his assignments?

Teachers, in my opinion, should count homework if students complete it. If it is obvious that the students are filling in their work just to satisfy a quick glance and check, then the teacher should talk to the student and either tell them that their homework will be graded for every question for a score if they continue the behavior, or that that homework will not count at all and they will get an “F.” Homework is practice! Of course homework is important, but why be so harsh? If students generally understand the concept being taught, what is the point of giving them a lower score than an “A”?

Another thing is that, why does it matter if kids don’t totally complete their homework? I mean, yeah, okay, self-discipline. Okay, of course it’s not acceptable not to do anything or very little, but what if they had to go to the hospital to see their brand-new baby cousin? That’s like saying, “Cool, kid, you have a new cousin. Get out your homework. Oh you don’t have it? Alright. That stinks. Guess I’ll just fail you. Bye.” Do teachers even care about their students anymore? Why can’t teachers just be understanding?

I want to know your position on this. Some may share this view, while others will completely disagree. That’s the point of a blog. Post a comment with your views.