I don’t normally react to every garbage I come across on the Net, but these days a lot pseudo-intellectuals fill the great void of the Internet, and they spew a lot mis-information; a-la Apple’s Vista campaign with its trolls. However when someone like Paul Thurrott talks or comments on technology you want to stop and listen. But this time he really blew it with his campaign against the new Windows 7 Taskbar. I actually thought he’s got a point till I installed Windows 7 for myself and played around with it; and boy am I impressed?! The new Taskbar is one of the things I like about Windows 7! and Paul, you’ve got it wrong this time.
His argument is that it will be very confusing for people to use it. What a bull! You really have to be a retard not to be able to handle the new taskbar, with its large icons, colour activation of active application etc etc. Paul, are you telling me I cannot differentiate between the icons of Word, from the icon of Outlook; from the icon of Windows Media Player; from the icon of Internet Explorer, etc etc? Man, the scheme of a single icon (without label) for a single application is great because it categorizes per single app. I am a windows super user, I have at any given moment at least 10 to 15 apps running, my taskbar is always filled up, with the new taskbar, it is clean. It is professional and way cool!
There is an argument for making the taskbar a little bigger than before, and that is, the proliferation of large screens. Have you seen the Vista or XP’s taskbar on a 24 or 30 inch screen, they look a wee bit tiny. It was the same effect I had when XP came out and I was running Windows 95/98 on a 1024×768 screen. The XP taskbar and scrollbars looked large on that screen till I bought an LCD 20″ of 1680×1050. Suddenly my Windows 98 frames looked thin, and when I installed XP, it looked just right.
Just wait till we all progress to 30” screens then everyone will accept the new large taskbar, because then you can still see your icons without glasses. I understand if you are screen challenged (Netbooks, old laptops etc), the new taskbar is in the way, but WTH, you can put the taskbar into hide mode. The large taskbar with its large icons is pleasing to the eyes, now that I have been using it on Windows 7, I am missing it on my Vista workstation. Can’t wait till I can upgrade my workstation when Seven is out.
I am worried about the trend I am seeing of people whining about complexity of technology. Keep it simple, yeah. I am tech geek, I like challenges. I know, I am not an average Internet user, since the boom in the Net a lot of retards are using the net now, but that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice innovation. If you are afraid of progress, go live in a cave. It was the same argument about the new interface of Windows Vista that Apple uses to bash Microsoft. It is too complex, it is too this and too that.
Some idiot that call himself a technology guru (actually went to journalist school, won’t mention his name here for the sake of decency) was whining that he stepped over to Apple platform because he is tired of fixing his Windows devices. He compares it to looking under the bonnet of you car to fix engine problems. He just want to step into the car and ride away with it; that Apple “Just Works!”. Yeah right. That is the kind of argument of a lazy person. It is counter productive, and exactly why we are losing intelligence to the Eastern countries. Our kids don’t study maths anymore, why go through the pain. Everyone wants to be a lawyer of journalist. Sorry, you can’t build a nation of a bunch of lawyers. So my question to all the “Gurus” that don’t want to look under the bonnet of their car, how about survival situation? What if you are traveling with your family and car broke down in middle of nowhere, no mobile contact with the outside world and the next city is hundreds of kilometer away. If you could just look under the bonnet and change that fuse, then you could have been happily on your way, but you’ve never learned, so you are left to your fate.
Most of us that grow up with Microsoft technology treasure the challenges that computer brings with it. I like to know why I am infected with a virus (not that I have seen a virus on my network for as long as I can remember), and if I am infected, I like to know how I can conquer the virus by removing it. These are the stuff wizards are made of. That is why I am a technology specialist, I am the ghost-buster for the community, the buck stops here like they say. It take guts to arrive here. And if I remember properly this are the stuff pioneers are made of; people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.
So I hear you ask, what happened to our dear Guru friend that went to planet Apple? He got screwed! He found out that Apple’s planet is not the Utopia het thought it was. He has to maintain his MacBook too, he has to install patches, that patch the former patch. He discovered Apple also has BSOD equivalent just like any other Wintel platform. Aah, Apple’s machine is being made on Earth! What a bummer. “It just works”; “We don’t install Antivirus”, gimme a break.
Wake up people, this is the 21st century, compete or become irrelevant. Paul, most of us are up to the challenges of Microsoft platform, it is a beast we know oh so well. Luckily for you, Microsoft provided options to dumb it down for people like you, make it look like Taskbars have been for the past 15 years. Lots of luck to you, most of us will move over to the next stage. Its a beautiful world! Welcome Windows 7.
</End of Rant>