I love watching movies on my laptop; however, I do not like carrying around movies everywhere I go.  It takes all the fun out of portability.  Luckily, Crackle  takes care of that problem.

Crackle (created by Sony) is a site that provides those who visit with a great movie & minisode experience.  Here is a short list of movies that can be seen on this site: Air Force One, Rudy, Gattace, Christine, Jumanji, Sleepless in Seattle, Men in Black, and many more. There are also many original minisodes that may catch your attention.  It allows you to search by category within the show guide.

All-in-all this seems like a pretty good attempt by a big name to enter this industry If you like to watch movies on the go then I definitely recommend checking out Crackle.  Oh yeah, it’s FREE too! Feel free to send me an e-mail or leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for other great movie watching sites.