Just a few minutes ago I had the privilidge of downloading Google Chrome one the day of its release along with millions of others.Google Chrome is an Open Source web browser that was designed with simplicity in mind.It has tabbed browsing along with page and tool control buttons that allow access to settings for your browser.This app is extremely fast.It loads pages with ease.I am dissappointed that it does not come with the latest Flash Player like Internet Explorer though.Also when you download the items,the progress bar shows up at the bottom of the browser and even gives you the option to open whatever you are downloading after it is finished.You can also bookmark pages you may like.That’s about it for the browser.All I would like Google to change is the UI because it looks too simple add a history button or a print button,add something. Other than that this browser is pretty good and moves at lightening speed.If Google keeps up the good work this could be my new main web browser.But not until it comes out of beta.This browser sure looks promising. To download the browser go to http://www.google.com/chrome