Wireless Router

How do you access the Internet…modem, ethernet, wireless card, wireless networking router ?  For the past month, I’ve been using Apple’s AirPort Extreme to broadcast a wireless signal throughout my home and later on my dorm room.  I purchased the 802.11N Wireless PCI Xtreme N Desktop Adapter for my desktop to connect the the AirPort Extreme.

Some Good Wireless Router Choices

AirPort Extreme

The AirPort Extreme lets you connect to the Internet wirelessly, connect to a USB enabled harddrive, and/or a USB printer.  It sets up the perfect home network.  The Extreme supports all wireless networks up to the draft 802.11N.  There are 4 ethernet ports for those computers that are not wireless.  The technical specs can be found HERE. Why did I choose to setup a wireless network for my desktop?  One good reason…I hate wires.  I also have friends with laptops who like to use my connection.  I have ordered the Dell Inspiron 1525 and it will also support the wireless N network.  For those who don’t know about wireless N technology, it’s a much faster version of the standard wireless G network.

AirPort Express

I also have the AirPort Express.  It is a much smaller, more portable, and more convenient version of the AirPort Extreme.   It plugs right in to any outlet.  You can plug in your Internet’s ethernet cord to broadcast a wireless signal.  You can also plug in a USB printer and speakers.  The AirPort Express can be used to extend your wireless network or to create a whole new network.  It can be easily unplugged and taken anywhere.  I specifically use it so I can wirelessly broadcast music to speakers.  Very cool technology.  The technical specs can be found HERE. The Airport Extreme retails for $179 and the AirPort Express retails for $99.  Is it worth it?  I would say yes, as long as your computer(s) support(s) a wireless N network and/or you desire to connect to a printer wirelessly.  Check it out.  It may be the right setup for you.  It’s fairly easy to setup and both Apple and PC users can take advantage of the Extreme and the Express.

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Posted by Gerald Smith on August 30, 2008