Ever wondered so many Germans followed Hitler in the second world war? It is something called propaganda; the ability, and cunning of washing people’s brain. Over the years it has been proven that people are really gullible, even in our days, there are still people that can’t think for themselves.
The Apple smeer campaign suceeded so much so that there are people that condemd Vista before they actually seen it not to talk of actually using it. The perception bubble was busted (the term an actual participant used in her response to the Mojave experiment apocalys of Vista) with the recently Mojave experiment conducted by Microsoft.
Who should we blame for the misinformation suffered by Vista? Is it Apple for renting Gobble type of propagandists, the users for being so lame as to get their facts right or Microsoft for sitting so long on their high horses with the "we don’t comment on other people’s product" mentality?
As for me I will put the blame straight on MS front door. This is the 21st century, the age that information travel (faster than)at the speed of light. You can’t afford as a company to watch competition malign your product for so long without responding. Apple has had 1.5 years field days, now suddenly someone is waking up in the MS sales department. Personally I will give them all the boot in the sales department for doing next to nothing to salvage Vista’s image. Sales and product adoption is all about psycology, a trick that Apple is a master of. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. A fact proven yet again by the Mojave Experiment.