Map of the Internet
Map of the Internet

Internet2? You heard right folks. An internet2 is coming out. You may ask, what is wrong with the one we’re using now? Many things, but things do not seem as they appear. If you hadn’t noticed now, the internet has been slowing up and websites take longer to load as well as downloads. The more users and websites you have, the more bandwidth is taken up and thus slows networks down.

What is currently happening?

The United States government and various colleges and universities are currently working on internet 2. It has been said it will be ready within 2 years.

Why Internet2? Why now ?

The original internet,as I stated earlier has now become older and slower and the time (sadly) has come for a change. The internet 2 offers faster, well, everything. Downloads, web page load times, you name it. It has it. Now that more advanced technology exists, now is a better time than ever to start the transition.

What to expect?

The size of the internet will be dramatically decreased compared to the internet we use now. Many internet corporations such as AOL, Time Warner,Verizon, etc. will make it so that a certain websites will take a long time to load or unaccessible all together. Why, do say? Simple. The greater amount of bandwidth is being saved for large company websites and those who will have to pay internet taxes. I didn’t mention that? Yes you will now be taxed on the internet almost anything you do online will be taxed, especially shopping online. So almost all small unimportant websites and online shopping as well as other things and even our very lives will be affected by internet 2.

Will this affect you?

In all probability, yes it will. There is no hiding or escaping it. All servers and networks will be transfered over to internet 2 as soon as the word is given.

Why will this happen?

It’s all about control. The internet will be controlled and extremely secure. Whatever doesn’t belong on the internet will not be seen on the internet. Nothing else left to say about it.

What will be the official name of the new internet ?

The name will be Internet2. There is a possibility of a different name down the line.

Do you want to know more?

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