Today Google and CapGemini announced a joint venture that will see CapGemini sell Google Enterprise product. I personally don’t see anything rosy for Cap in this case, and I am curious what motivated Cap to go this route knowing well the risk that All-Online business infrastructure brings to the Enterprise.
Only-Online Solution is vapourware, it cannot stand the test of time and calamity. See what happens with New Orleans when common industry infrastructure falls away with natural disaster.
A business needs a solid guaranteed environment, Google enterprise solution is just another risk that enterprises has to manage above the infrastructure of Intranet that they have to have to be online in the first place.
Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that business will not find value online for their business tool, no, the online tool should only compliment what is already owned internally, just like the offering of MS Outlook Web Access feature. But a web-only Enterprise? No sorry Google, this is a dream bubble that will burst with time; and this is not even considering the security and privacy aspect of Google’s offering.