I was recently pissed reading a blog some Israeli blogger posted claiming the doom of Microsoft here at: 7 reason Microsoft is DOOMED! I have pasted as below my comments on the site. I was so pissed, I overdone myself writing a lengthy comment, that is really new for me. Please read my comment and let me know what you think:
I am begining to see a Psychologica tedencies in these people hating MS, that all these MS bashing is now bearing on a serious case of Inferiority Complex, nothing to do with reality. It is a kind of Owellian paradox; people will clap for your success to a certain point, then they start hating your for that very success. A lot of these MS haters are the very people that found thier carrier success based on MS OSes (legal; mostly illegal), now turned geeks, they are biting the figers that fed them.
It is a simple case of numbers, expressed in Dollars. Right now MS has the most returns, capitalism is expressed in amount of money you have in your bank account at the end of your business year, just like football, the winner is the one that makes the most goals, not the one that plays most beautifully. Whinning to the DoJ for MS crackup is not capitalism, but totalitarian. Capitalism is based on competition not having your way through legal blackmails.
MS bashing is now popular because these people hate the success of MS not only because they MS makes bad products. Most arguments are not based anymore on facts, but just people’s feelings. This is really bad, and the onset of blogging just makes things worse, because every idiot that has an opinions things he is giving a scientific fact; and there are evenly empty-headed idiots that belief anything they read without checking out the facts. Truly, this is the age of Pseudo-Intellectualism.
Believe me, 90% of all MS criticism is based of FUDs(fear-uncertainty and doubts); nothing to do with reality. Go see SANs security report, and confirms which OS is the most secure at the moment. The smuggly Apple campaign nothwithstanding, more bugs are being found in other OSes that that of MS. Only MS has open patch policy, the others do it secretly with less fanfare.
So what is wrong with Vista, I love this Vista that XP, and I am not talking of the UI at all. If your Vista install is buggy, then you may not be the geek you pretend to be afteral, because if you run compatibility check you would have known if your hardware and software are fit for Vista or not. I have been using Vista since Beta3, sir, I love this OS. What do you mean slow? I am writing this from my 5 year old P4 laptop installed with Vista with just 512K of memory. Why don’t I see all the complaints these idiots are talkings about? Why, somome mentioned blue-screen-of-death? Where? I haven’t seen one since Beta3. Vista is the first OS you can appear with online without antivirus and firewall and still can surf with confidence. Everyone complains of holes in MS software, now MS closes the holes with Vista, now they are complaining it is locked so tight it no fun using it. Hello, you can’t eat your cake and still have it. There is price to pay for every change requested.
I clap for the increased popularity of other OSes, (Apple and Linux), nothing bad in it, a little competition makes the world a beter place; good for the consumers, the former 95% hold of the desktop share is not healthy, more grease to your elbows Apple and Linux. The only thing we wish is that you tell your empty-headed users that you are also full of holes, just like MS software are. Stop deceiving them and giving them false sense of security. Any software written by man can (and will always) be hacked by man. That is a simple fact.
The Owellian paradox is now affecting Google as well, becuase it has grown too fat having its tentacles in all facets of our lives, so now some people are getting nervous of Google too. And what do you thing of the dictatorship of Apple (hello Mr J!)? Apple is the hardware, Apple is the Software, no third-party devices, no third-party software. If Apple is in the place of MS now, we will all be worshipping Mr J like most fanboys now does, and there will be little wealth spread arround because of Apple’s monopoly. Will there ever be a Dell Laptop for OSX, or an HP Homeserver for Apple’s media.
So you want an internet OS, so you want software as a service, your data is no more local, but flying somewhere arround online? Good, go sell that that to any serious thinking business, go hear what they will tell you. You think you will always have access to your online OS and your online Office Application and your Online Data, fine. Go talk to them in New Orleans when nature goes bad, or in the middle of the jungle where 100% online connection is a dream. Wake up to reality, your business is doomed when that report is not available becuase your road-warrior does not have internet connection at hand to send that file that is desperately needed.
Believe it, MS is changing its policy, she listens and she is here to stay! Dead? – Gimme a break!
Why ooh why does MS hold onto this stupid idea of "not commenting on other people’s product"! Apple is smudging MS with this infantile "I’m a Mac, I’m a PC campaing, and you know what MS, most people who sit hours behind a TV are mostly retards who can’t think for themselves and believes all these lies. So MS, get up and first sack all you Marketing department staffs and get people that will really sell your product by emphasising the positive aspect of it. Take the Speech Technology in Vista for example, this is light-years ahead of Apple, and still we didn’t hear anything about it in the campaing. A simple demonstration of this techonology in an AD campaing would have won many over to Vista.
Oh btw, I don’t work for MS, I work for a reputable logistics company, and yes, I am a Microsoft Tech Spec, and a deep core ‘Softie!