Ok, by now you guys have learned I am not an avid blogger, if I were I would not have chosen techonolgy as my field. However there is a new development in the technology front that I feel you should know about. This also has to do with my last entry about AI and software language of the future.
Maybe not many of you know it but the Internet as we know it today was once a project of US  DoD department called DARPA. A few years back they annouced a competition award of about $2,000,000.00 for an autonomous vehicle that could travel 130Km; all by itself without the influence nor instruction from human being. In one word, the vehicle has to be under the control of AI system.
The competition last year was a joke, with a lot entries dying at the starting point. The farthest vehicle covered only about 15Km. The competion for this year was held last week, and what do you think, they have not one vehicle crossing the finish line but they got second and third place too.
This tells of an increadible increase of knowledge in a space of 1 year. We should watch the spin-off of this competition, because it is not only going to be used by the US Defense department, but will ripple through everything we know of. I said in my last entry that most people do not realise how close we are to archiving Artificial Intelligence, but people we are very close. The rate of growth is exponential, and where all this will end up is something we can only imagine as in the movies.
Anyway, whether we like it or knot, our future is sealed in machines that will think for us, and probably outsmart us one day. Let us hope it will not turn against us, like we all have also turned against our original creator. In the meantime, "Live long and prosper"