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App Highlight: Drawboard PDF


Here is introducing another awesome app in the Windows Store. Drawboard PDF is exactly what it is, an app to allow you draw and annotate your existing PDF files, but not only that you can also create a completely empty white PDF page and fill it up with your drawing as you deemed fit.

We are having a hard time to recommend the app given the fact that you can already annotate your PDF files in the built-in Reader App from Microsoft in Windows 8. However, this app has one thing going for it, the Radial Menu analogous to that of OneNote. The built-in Reader app misses this extensive menu and pen feature. So if reading PDF all day your thing, or a student that collects PDF files for your theses, this is the app for you.

Here is the full description and screenshots of the App in the Store:



The #1 PDF annotator available in the Store – View, markup and mange your PDF documents the easy way! Ideal for replacing the pen and paper, avoid

printing documents again by using our features that make annotating a PDF a

breeze. Either upload or create a new PDF, annotate using our extensive

array of tools, then save it back as a compatible PDF.

Drawboard distinguishes itself by its intuitive user interface and

experience, stylus and touch input separation, smooth and natural pen, and

array of tools.

This is a great tool for:

Design industries (engineering, construction, architecture etc.)

Students and teachers



Anyone who needs to mark up a PDF document!

If you like this app, please support its continued development with good

ratings. We have many plans for further improvements but want to hear your

suggestions too. It is most helpful if you email your ideas for app

features in email contact (instead of reviews in the Store) so that we can

communicate directly with you. Sometimes we may need more information about

the feature request and by emailing us, we can get that from you. Thank you

for your support.


  • Toggle between using an activated stylus and finger touch to perform annotations
  • Open and read PDF documents
  • Create new PDF documents of different size, orientation and page count
  • Radial menu with the following features:
  • Smooth and natural inking pen/stylus inking – change stroke width and colors
  • Eraser – also works on the back of the stylus eraser where functional, and right click on mouse
  • Undo/Redo
  • Select tool to move annotations around the screen
  • Shapes – rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow
  • Text markup – highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly
  • All annotations have the option for varying colors, widths, opacities, fills etc
  • Bookmarks
  • Search
  • Share by email
  • Print
  • Recent document recovery
  • Open large document file sizes
  • View and display options
  • Save as a compatible PDF
  • Insert, Rotate and Delete Pages




If you’re curious about the, please go right ahead and download via the Source Link here below. It is free of change; for now.

Source: Windows Store

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Google Graveyard is here for the Mourners


Someone mentioned this new App in a tweet today. A place to mourn your dead Google Apps :-). Have Google taken your cookies just because they can, this is the place to mourn and protest. See all App Google has killed during the years. Now they are coming up with new Products, who is ever going to trust them with their valuable again if they can just throw the swtich at whim without even a courtesy of explanation. Google is power-drunk with their monopoly, they can afford to do anything since they have friends in high places.

Mourn with us while you can, YouTube is another target I hear, only usable if you’re on Google+. So someone like me without a Google account is blocked for life. Way to go Google. “Do no Evil” my foot!

Download this app now and mourn with thousands/millions of Reader users.

Tech Crunch by AOL

TechCrunch by AOL
We have the official tech crunch app by AOL. I personally enjoy reading websites either via RSS reader or through the web browser. However, it’s always good to have an option. If you are interested, check it out!


The TechCrunch app is the best way to get the hottest technology news on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Browse the latest headlines with a flick of your finger then tap to dive into an unparalleled source of stories about startups and Silicon Valley, gadgets and go-getters.


    • Free access to all content from the TechCrunch website
    • See what’s currently hot in tech with the Trending list
    • TechTweets shows the latest tech news and gossip hitting social media
    • Comprehensive integration with CrunchBase Custom designed interface

Download it: TechCrunch – The Inside Story On Innovation

Discourse News Reader is Back in the Store! – Now for the Money


Guys, good news! Kindred Intellect is back in the Store with Discourse, your awesome News Reader App of yore, and this time for the money. Those of you that started this Windows 8 journey with us right from DP will remember Discourse. It was the de facto News Reader till a few months before RTM. Kindred Intellect just mysteriously pulled the App from the Store without any form of warning nor reason. Yours truly have attempted to contact them severally to get a low-down on what transpired, no response. Did they have a blow-out with Microsoft? Were they using a component to which Microsoft objected? You know, you can only speculate when the news source refuses to talk to you. Like they say, Nature abhors vacuum, you just can’t evict yourself from the market and expect the whole world to wait, or collapse in your absence. Discourse space was promptly filled by News Bento App in the Store. Now Discourse has a competition in its hands. News Bento is free as air, and Discourse is $3,00 bucks with no option to try. They are really going for the money this time around. I wonder how they’ll fair now in the Store.

I have just done a feature comparison with their last version before they dropped out of limelight, I don’t see any difference, they are probably sporting their last version with a bit of polish I guess. Here is the latest description of the new old app in the Store:

Read all your news articles in full detail regardless of source

Create your own news sections using any feeds you like

Take in the full detail of every article with great readability

* Discourse allows you to keep up with your favorite news sources in a clear, picture-rich, easy to read newspaper-like format.
* Read the full content of the majority articles right from within Discourse, even for custom feeds, and pages you Share into Discourse using the Share charm!
* Optimized for great execution on Surface & Windows RT machines
* Pin a live tile to your start screen for any section, including custom sections.
* Create your own ‘Sections’ of news, combining one or more of the large number of included feeds, a topic of interest, or by searching for/adding fully custom feeds of your own.
* Share your section definitions with others using the Share Charm
* ‘Topic Sections’ use keywords to maintain a set of up-to-date news articles about a particular topic. (Powered by Bing, Google and Yahoo)
* Import whole sections and individual feed subscriptions directly from Google Reader
* Import and Export your feeds (as OPML files) and section definitions (as SECTION files). You can also export and import from SkyDrive, just use the picker and choose SkyDrive.
* Once your sections are created, simply running Discourse will sync your news and you can then go offline if you wish.
* Search for articles across your sections using the “Search Charm”.
* You can also save pages to Discourse’s “Saved Stories” section so you can read them later, offline, at your leisure.
Privacy policy: http://www.kindredintellect.com/privacy.html

Offline, full content, news reader, using a clear presentation for great readability
Combine your own custom feeds with the large number included

Well, there you have it. The riddle resolved itself. Discourse is back in the Store. The question is would you plunk your cash down for the Reader now, especially seeing a free competition would give it a run for its money. If Discourse fails to gain traction in the Store, it will not be because the App is not worthy, but because the vendor made a gamble that backfired. When you are king, you just don’t abdicate, not without a reason. You just give people a chance to crown another king. Period. I’ll keep an eye on this development. I see news down the line.

If you are ready to buy Discourse, please download via the Source link below. I am curious if any of you that know Discourse in its hay days have anything to say in response to this. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Source: Windows Store

News Bento News Reader Updates in the Store


This is possibly old news to some of you already using News Bento, but for those of you that didn’t know, the vendors published an update Wednesday or Thursday this week, I had no time to inform about it due to job pressures.

Startup Slideshow

The first thing you’ll notice on starting the app after the update is the Slideshow feature of your favorites feeds. There is a rolling slides of the latest news from the sites and pictures featured in the news as you can see above. If you stay on the slideshow screen you can keep up to date with the latest news without dropping into the app proper.

Content Tiles

Add New Feeds

Once you get enough of the slideshow and you dropped into the app you won’t notice much difference, you are greeted with the usual Content screen with your feed Tiles showing the latest news. It is when you press the Add button (the big + button) that you notice a difference, there is a Search icon at the top-right corner and Google Reader login link to the upper-left and the usual list of pre-defined category list to the center-right. Category list is still limited and you still can’t add your own category, but luckily now you can define your own source via the Google Reader and Search Sources. Sorry, I don’t use Google’s products, ok except YouTube, but I have deleted my Google accounts with the change to their policy earlier this year. So I can’t test that Google Reader feature.

image  image

When you click on the Search button, the Windows 8 Search Charm is opened and you can search for your favorite sites. You can enter the URL as search item, or if you know the RSS feed link, you can paste it here and your feed is found after a few seconds of searching. You can also search by keywords. This search feature is still flaky at the moment, it can return a lot of fluff that is absolutely useless and difficult to recognize your desired feed . I hereby plead with the vendors to allow direct pasting of the rss link instead of searching that return lots of garbage. Also add the feature to specifically name the News addition to something recognizable. And while we are busy at it, let me add Custom Category that is saved to my SkyDrive storage, so when I install this app on other devices I can easily load my feeds instead of starting over.

To complete the coverage, I leave you with the following quotes from the vendor about the update:

The most fluid and beautiful news reader on Windows 8!
* Now with Google Reader support!
* And immersive news photo cover page
“News Bento – The Best News Reader App in the Store” — McAkins Online

Personalized news
Google Reader integration
RSS search and custom source
Beautiful magazine view
Live tile & secondary tile support
Optimized for touch and mouse

Well, so there you go, a good app deserves a good mention. I don’t blog much for app updates but exceptional app deserves an exception. Keep the good works up guys, we are looking forward to the next update.

Windows App Feature: News Bento – The Best News Reader App in the Store


My search is over! I have found a replacement for Discourse Feed Reader. Discourse was for me the best news reader of yore, but for some very strange reason the vendor pulled the app with Windows 8 RTM, and succinctly informed on their site that there is no further plans for the app for the time being. No explanation why they pulled, no information when they’ll be back in the Store. So you can imagine the frustration with RTM when you miss your fav Reader. Well, the search for a replacement is over, “News Bento” has come to the rescue; and it may even be better in layout than Discourse. And what’s more, it is Free, for now at least.

The App was designed for Metro, it feature a layout that closely resembles the modern newspapers. It is a pleasure to the eyes, and a pleasure to read. Here is quoting the vendor Hubrious from the Store:

Beautiful News View

The most fluid and beautiful news reader on Windows 8!

Personalized News
Beautiful Magazine View-
Live Tile & Secondary Tile Support
Optimized for Touch and Mouse

As you can see, the GUI is salted with chevrons to indicate actions you can take, there is a time-slider giving visual indication of the news age, links are shown visibly in the article. And once you drop into the detail view, you are not limited to that article alone, but you can pan previous or next articles by just swiping back and forth. Yes I am enjoying this New Reader tremendously, and for a preview app, I can only imagine what they’ll do with it in the future. I have already written the vendors with advice on how to make the app better, for example give option to add your own RSS Source. I have a good feeling this will be a contender for the Best News Reader title in the Store. You too?


Download the app via the Source Link below.

Source: Windows Store