‘Machineers’ Arrives in the Windows Store to Makers’ Delight

Once in while we come across Apps in the Store that we feel is worthy of mention and want to share with you all. Since most of us here at McAkins Online have our roots in engineering and Builders world, something like this is worthy of sharing with you.

Machineers App pride itself is challenging the engineer in you. It is not just another game, but something to tickle you brain cells. Repair gadgets and solve puzzles. You are an Apprentice Zola, learning to bow every machine to your will. You’re provided tools to work with to resolve issues. You get to grow in knowledge and become advanced to build your own vehicles etc. Spoiler: You can even build you own Tank! Continue reading

Why Big-Name Apps are disappearing from Windows Store


Yup, today another big name App is gone from the Windows Phone Store. VeVo joins the likes of Bank of America from removing their App from the Store. Windows Central broke the news a few moment ago.

The burning question then on the minds of most Windows Phone users is: Why are these big name Apps disappearing from the Store? Why remove them? They can at least let the last updated version remain in the Store, even if they don’t plan to update it anymore.

Yes, those would have been logical questions to ask, the answer is ever simpler than the questions. They are removed because of Economic reasons. Yes, money trumps customers satisfaction for these entities that relied on and grew big on the backs of these very customers. Continue reading

Goodbye Fake Facebook Apps — Microsoft Will Finally Police Fake Misleading Apps

I want to throw my arms up and cheer! Finally, the days of searching for Facebook and finding dozens of fake Facebook apps are hopefully behind us. Microsoft is finally making it against the Windows Store policy to make apps that are titled and have tiles to mislead customers into thinking it is an official popular app or game. Continue reading

Windows Store 3.0 – A Major Upgrade (with Screenshots)

Microsoft unveiled a nice surprise at its 2014 build conference: the third major upgrade to the Windows Store! Windows Store was introduced on Windows 8.0 as a software distribution platform. It received a major upgrade that drastically improved its usability with the launch of Windows 8.1. However, Microsoft still didn’t go far enough to make the browsing the Store a pleasant experience as it is in competing platforms. Although there were minor UI enhancements since the launch of Windows 8.1, the third upgrade to the Store truly brings it on par with the app stores of iOS and Android. I am very excited for this and I hope you are too. So let’s see what’s new! Continue reading

Windows Store Passed 150000 Apps Mark


I know App count has lost its meaning, still we at McAkins Online feel we should inform you folks that indeed Windows Store has passed the 150000 Apps mark. Really I don’t know whether to cry or to rejoice as I don’t see the real meaning of bloggers beating the app count to death resulting in the OS Publishers allowing junk apps in the Store just to belong to the number success group. If I may have my take I’ll say let Windows Store have just 5000 App that are highly polished and worth users’ time than having to prune the Windows Store just to find App needle in a haystack. Continue reading

Nokia App Social is now live in Windows 8 Store


Here it is, the much-anticipated App from Nokia is finally in the Windows Store. Those of you that use Windows Phone of course will know this app. It is Nokia way to make Apps Discovery much less of a pain. Who’s best to recommend you Apps? Right, your friends. Suppose there is a way to know which apps your friends friends are running right? Yes, now you have it. The more people that use it, the more usable the app gets. So go download it right now.

Here is the description from the Store:


App Social: Discover, browse and share amazing apps both for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.


  • Browse & Download apps recommended by App Social most popular users
  • Sign up create your own profile and your own list of apps to share with your friends and the whole community
  • Get followers and climb up the leaderboard
  • Search for apps, applists and even users to save time
  • All both for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps to enjoy an amazing companionship experience
  • Get App Social on Windows Phone 8 from www.appsocial.nokia.com



You can download the app now in the Store from the following Source Link.

Source: Windows Store

Microsoft is rolling out Worldwide Alternative Billing for Apps


Microsoft is adding easier billing methods in Developing Countries where Creditcard usage is much less than the Western world. It has always been a  problem for users in these countries like Mexico, Indonesia etc to buy Apps in the Store. Most of them just use the Freemium apps and Devs are compensated via ADs revenue. But this is not always a good plan for some apps, therefore this new initiative from Microsoft will go a long way. Now users can get billed via their telephone service providers when they buy an App. Here is the full statement below: Continue reading

Microsoft’s Project Siena App hits the Store!


Via @WinObs and @Surfacegeeks the news reached us a few minutes ago, that the much anticipated Project Siena is rearing its head in the Store. You ask what is this all about? It is Microsoft’s take on popular App designer sites like Ideanotion’s “IdeaPress”. Where you can just put some few modules together and voila you have a Windows 8 App! No code, no night after nights of learning a GUI layout principles. Just like Lego, you take all individual parts, stitch them together, add some data component at the background and you have a fully functioning Windows 8 app. Continue reading

Get Paid Apps and Games for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Xbox for FREE!

Bing Rewards

With the introduction of Windows Store gift cards, you can now put money in your Microsoft account balance and use it to get paid apps in games in Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, or the Xbox Store. Well, did you know that Microsoft is giving everyone FREE gift cards? It’s True! All you have to do is use Bing search!


Every time you search on Bing, you will get points. These points rack up, and you can use them to get gift cards that you can use to get paid apps and games from the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, and Xbox Store (both for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One). You will see various gift cards. But the good news is that redeeming these gift cards puts money in your Microsoft Account that you can use to get apps and games from any and all stores. For example, if you get a Windows Phone gift card, you can use that card for Windows Phone apps or even Xbox One Games. Conversely, you can use your Xbox Gift Card to buy Windows 8 apps! You can also mix and match.

You have to first enable Bing Rewards. Once you do, you will start earning points for searching. If you are a new user, you can do some starter quests to get lots of points quickly.

Click here to join Bing Rewards and star earning points

Please note: If you click the link to bing rewards above, I may get a one-time bonous of some bing points. This post is NOT an advertisement of any sort.

Hurrah! Windows 8.1 Web Store has gone Live!–Updated!


Yesterday we broke the news about Microsoft now making the Windows Store Searchable from the web, today we are glad to announce that the Windows 8.1 themed Webstore has gone live. The former web access in the Win8.0 timeframe only gives you limited information and the experience was limited. Now you have a web access that is full, rich and informative. It is on-par with the MX Store App.

Please note that this is not the full Store experience. You can’t purchase apps from the webstore, and you can’t just open this web access, you have to approach it via an App link. For example after searching for an app like we showed you yesterday, clicking on any of the apps will bring you to this new Webstore.  For example, seaching for and clicking on WebAccess App brings you to this new web store.

Well Microsoft is on the roll lately on all front, so this comes as no surprise. Which company is most innovative right now? Yes, you guessed it right. Go Microsoft!


Unfortunately, Microsoft has pulled the site, so there is no way for you to verify we broke this story. Luckily I have the full screenshot in IE MX shown below. Hopefully the new WebStore will be back. We are keeping an eye on this for you as usual.


In Microsoft Windows Store, Anything goes! Really!

Store Madness

I have been planning to write an extensive post about the quality of the Windows Store, but providence will not allow time to really dive deep into it. Maybe I will have time in the future to make a complete compilation. But coming across this app in the Store today really broke the Carmel’s back for me. The app was released yesterday, it is already causing users confusion in the Store! This is a blatant abuse of Microsoft Trademarks in all aspect, and an encroachment on Microsoft’s own turf. You can imagine my jaw dropping to the ground seeing this in the Store. Someone from Microsoft have to have approved this in the Store, or not? My question then is, is there anyone at Microsoft actually policing the Store? Is there any policy still being upheld in the Store at the moment?

Those of us Windows users spending a great deal of time in the Store are simply baffled by the kinds of apps we come across in the Store. It looked as if MS has abandoned the Store and relegated the Store accreditation to Machine AIs or something. No one in their right mind will let the kind of apps we see in the Store go through, even after 5 bottles of Beer! I am talking of apps that clearly encroach on Trademarked products. Apps that call themselves Facebook, with the trademarked logo thrown in. Apps that are so Fugly Steve Jobs would weep in his graves seeing MS murder a concept he made popular. I mean Apps with Logo’s that reek of stupidity and incompetence, Color themes that are not readable to users, like black fonts on a very dark background, totally opaque to any sane person. Apps that looked like they were created by monkeys in a zoo. Apps that clearly no one will touch with a 100m pole.

What is the point of Microsoft allowing these kinds of apps in the Store? Is it for the numbers? It will turn to bite MS in the long run, and people will take a look at the Store and conclude MS Store is crap compared to competing platform and move on. This is not competing with established Mobile Store leaders Microsoft. This is not the promise you made us when you were talking about the design principles of Metro. Your keyword: Beautiful is nowhere to be found in some of these apps.


Take for example the Media Player Classic Home Cinema app, when I twitted some time back above, the app then cost $10.00 in the Store. Ten bucks for an app you cannot preview, nor test-run. No Screenshots, just the splashscreen. You are asking the users to trust you with their money and shell out their hard-earned dollars for something they can’t see. That’s a tough sell. Thank God, not a single soul has touched the app, so the Dev is now forced to drop the price to $5.00. Still a steep price for an app you have to buy in pure faith alone. It should be policy in the Store that any app that doesn’t allow Trials should have at least lots of Screenshots of the actual app so the users have an idea of what they are getting.

I can go on and on with what is wrong with the Store, but today is not the day for it. I am sure MS is aware of all these problems, the question is are they doing anything about it to keep their promise of fixing Windows 8 by the Windows Blue timeframe. Like the saying goes Microsoft, when you’re riding a Tiger, you can’t afford to make any mistake, like getting off for example. So to keep riding this Tiger, please fix everything that is wrong with Windows 8, including the Windows Store. Prune this Garden, it is now full of weeds. Weeds that are preventing your true lovers from seeing the awesome apps in the Store. Like we’ve all agreed for the Windows Platform, the Store should not be about App Count, but the quality of Apps therein. We would rather have a thousand Killer apps in the Store than a million junk Apps no one appreciates. Fix the Store MS, we know you can do it!

AppSwitch–That Awesome App for Platform Switchers just got better.


Wow! An awesome update just dropped in the Store for AppSwitch. For those of you that doesn’t know, AppSwith is the app to make you switching to Microsoft platform from competing platforms as painless as possible. the App suggests easy replacements for your dearly beloved Apps on iOS and Android platforms. Have you already switched, and you’ve found some awesome replacement in the Store, you can also suggest in this current version to app developers.

This update includes GUI improvements to make features easily accessible. Visual cues everywhere to aid discoverability. In-app Store, better Snapped View support, better Search Charm support etc etc. The improvements are just too much to mention here. What’s more, the app is still free despite these awesomeness but you need to bear with non-intrusive Ads of course.

Use the main menu to browse matches and featured apps.

Browse latest, popular and top rated.

Found a great replacement? Why not share it?

Help to make this app greater by suggesting  your discovery to the Devs.

Download now in the store via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store