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The Dearly Departed iPhone 5 is Discontinued

iphone 5 is discontinued

The iPhone 5 is discontinued.

Alas, farewell iPhone 5. We barely knew thee. As the world reels after Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone 5C and 5S, we’ve now learned the fate of their predecessor.

This comes as a shock because there have been reports that the 16GB version of the iPhone 5 would live on. Instead the iPhone 4S will become the infamous free phone as the generations move on.

I suspect this is because the iPhone 5 and 5C match almost in everyway (the 5C does excel in some areas and is a little thicker and heavier.)

Well thanks for the memories iPhone 5. It’s been fun!

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Get ready for the Apple iPhone Event liveblog

Apple is going to brighten up everyones day….(hint hint)

The greatest moment in the history of ever is about to begin tomorrow. The Apple iPhone Event will be today at 10am PT/1pm ET from Cupertino, CA. We will be liveblogging the event and also post multiple articles about the products, their specifications and colours (ooh…shiny).

We are looking extremely forward to this event and will be even better when we bring it to the readers like you.

Check out our LiveFeed. :)


Is This Proof of an Otterbox iPhone 5C Case?

We all know that accessory manufacturers get “some” advanced knowledge about upcoming Apple products. Either that or they just feed off of the ever-churning rumor mill. Otterbox may have taken either path. But I recently witnessed one of their ads right here on Techtronica. It showed a preview of what looks like an Otterbox iPhone 5C case. So did Otterbox just spill the beans on the iPhone 5C?

Otterbox certainly isn’t the only company to reveal products associated with to-be-announced gadgets and certainly won’t be the last.

What are you expecting to see out of the Apple iPhone event? Comment below.

McAkins Tile Wide

McAkins Online App Available Now for Windows 8 and RT!




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Bad Apples- She’s at it again

As we all know, Apple has been generating a lot of news lately. And not merely just for it’s new devices or even the next greatest watch, the iWatch. The area in which Apple in generating news is where it has been for the past 4 or 5 years. Apple is very well known for stirring up a fuss when competitors threaten in any way their product. The first knee jerk response? Sue Samsung.

Though there have been other companies at the center of Apple controversy, Samsung has been the most popular victim in Apple’s suing rampage. Samsung alone has probably faced 10 different patent lawsuits against them from Apple. Anywhere from their UI (User Interface), to the design of their phones and tablets. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love Apple products and I do love Samsung products as well. I’m an equal opportunity technology user.

It seems though, that judges are getting rather tired of these continual lawsuits and patent fights and apparently so in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Just recently the USPTO invalidated another Apple patent for a “Bounce-back” feature. According to SlashGear who posted an article about this earlier stated that this isn’t the first time that the USPTO has done this. Patent #7,469,381 was invalidated by the USPTO back in October of last year, and since Apple’s appeal to the invalidation, they have invalidated it once again. SlashGear also reported that Apple used this patent against 21 Samsung devices that infringed on the patent but also that 19 Samsung smartphones in particular directly used it.

Apple, like always is appealing this invalidation stating “381 patent reexamination is far from conclusion.” This invalidation has helped Samsung financially in the matter that these invalidations have reduced the total fine that they have to pay Apple which started our as a stagering 1.1bil.



#AppleProbz & The iPhone #7

The moment all Apple lovers have been waiting for may be right around the corner. According to the iPhone “experts” we should be expecting the 7th iPhone this Summer since we haven’t seen a new devices since October when the iPad Mini was released. Though Apple is continuously working with its counterparts in Asia on a lower-end [less expensive] iPhone. The device is rumored to be about 4 inches long, have wireless charging [rumors say a patent has been filled concerning wireless charging] and have different colored skins.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

-Steve Jobs

Many experts are beginning to question the performance of Apple due to their slowness compared to other major electronic companies like Samsung. Samsung is also rumored to be on the verge of releasing their Galaxy S 4 this Summer at a much faster rate than Apple. The Tim Cook lead company is expected to to upgrade the camera and processor for the 7th iPhone but for now those are just rumors. Apple’s stock has also seen a drop due to its extensive time between new product releases. Compared to September 2012, Apple has lost $272.31 in stock value as of April 2013. Apple has usually held their new events to release new devices in March but this year is the first in Techtronica’s being that we have not seen a release. So maybe we’ll be waiting till June for an iPhone 6, iPhone 5 S, The New iPhone or more specifically the 7th Generation iPhone.


Apple: “Sorry China”

Apple CEO, Tim Cook signed a letter of apology to Apple consumers in China which was discovered on Apple’s website Tuesday morning by Techtronica staff. Thanks to Google Translate we were able to find that Apple’s apology consisted of encouraging words to the China version of Apple’s website including,

“We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gives consumers”

The reason this statement was issued by Apple is due to the extensive complaints received by Apple consumers and the Chinese media. Some media outputs have called apple arrogant, selfish and simply care-free about their customer’s post-purchase experience. Another door Apple has opened to its critics is its current warranty for Apple products in China. China requires all producers of electronic devices to have a [minimal] 2 year warranty on all products though Apple’s current policy only covers 1 year. Also included in the letter is a confirmation of the current policy in place for Mac computer motherboards and other major components.

“[We have been able to] provide 2 year warranty for the MacBook Air and Mac computer motherboards and other major components”

Though Chinese consumers are just now seeing this message it will take time for Apple to repair its reputation with its warranties for its Chinese consumers.

Get Plants Vs. Zombies FREE on the iPhone within the Next Few Hours

I know we are a Microsoft focused site, but a good deal is a good deal. The ever popular game by PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies is being given away for FREE for the next few hours at the time of this writing! So, if you are reading this, grab it now if you have an iPhone, iPod, or even an iPad. This app goes is usually sold for $2.99, but it’s free now! Grab it while you can!


Winter is fading away, and spring is quickly approaching… just like that horde of zombies!
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Plants vs. Zombies™ was spawned from the fertile minds that created Bejeweled®, Peggle®, Zuma® and Bookworm®.
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NOT YOUR GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS Battle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and more. Each has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all.
SMASHING FUN Try to survive all 9 unique levels as you battle zombies hiding in vases. It’s smashing fun!
SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they’ll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house.
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TechCrunch, Scroogled: Why Not?

It’s a slow day today, so TechCrunch asked “Scroogled: Why So Negative, Microsoft?” with a post trying to bash MS for its rather un-Microsoft-like way of competition against Google. I mean everybody is used to everyone bashing Microsoft, while they happily turn their other cheeks. So where is this new aggressive Microsoft coming from?

The question that TechCrunch should have asked is “Scroogled: Why Not?”. There was a time Journalism was established as the public Third Arm of Democracy, in which Journalist were the Sentinels of Truth in the society, to tell the story the way it is after an investigative effort. They are supposed to keep the Government and businesses realms healthy by exposing what we’ve all commonly agreed to be against social norms being practiced by these entities. The World Financial Collapse is an attestation to the failure of Journalists in their role.

Today, journalism is a joke, the line between a journalist and a fanboy has merged. Journalist are now rather opinion shapers instead of harbingers of truth. Where was TechCrunch when Apple was raiding anything Microsoft with the Switcher Ads? Every soul that knows its salt in IT and Computing knows all the claims of Apple in the Ads were just one big crock. The claim of Apple that its devices don’t get viruses prompting massive run for Macs have been proven to be an illusion. Where where all the Tech journalists then that should have called Apple to its senses and exposed the fraud in the Ads. No, they where all cheering Apple on and empowering the Distortion Field further. Now Apple has removed virus-efficacy claim from its sites. MacOS is just another susceptible OS as any other.

imageAnd this brings me back to the question in focus. “Scroogled. Why Not?” The question is whether MS assertion is true or not. If the Journalist are failing to warn the masses about the dangers of using Google’s products, who is going to do it. Yes, there is inherent danger in using Google’s product. You mum has told you when you were small, nothing comes free in life; something has to give. You just don’t think Google as a commercial company is working for Santa Claus did you? Where do you think they are making those billions they declared recently as profit? Have you ever seen a Non-Profit organization declare billions in profit?

Yes, you are all paying for it by using Google’s products. Those Android Phones, Chrome Browsers and Chrome OS all phone home by using them. They are telling Google everything you’re doing. That is how they get to know you more than your mother does. To sell you things you don’t need. If you pitch your tent with an Ad company, you need to be aware of the consequences. That is what Tech Journalists are failing to do. They are failing to educate the masses about the dangers of exposure. Privacy Advocacy is not there for nothing, there are people that have been bitten by having their lives exposed online to all and sundry. You may think you are safe for now, but the incessant attack we are witnessing against big American companies these past weeks attest to the fact that security is an illusion. You can say you don’t mind Google knowing everything about you, but what happens when Google is hacked and brought to its knees by enemies, what is going to happen to you? These are the questions that Tech Journalists should have been asking, but almost all of them are fanboys in this age and time. Most of them have vested financial interests in these companies that they’ve lost their objectivity.

So, is it right for Google to be reading your mail, scouring you HDD and looking at everything you type on your computer. If a Virus does this, we are all up in arms, but it is OK for Google to be doing it. Just think about that for a while. The masses need to be aware of these issues and they need to be educated to be able to make informed choices. But how can the masses be educated when the Journalists are busy making money and cheering and hating at the same time. There was a time Journalism was devoid of emotion so as to maintain factual integrity, but these days we all read our news from fallible and raging fanboys. Obviously you’re doing one right now, but I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I just ask you to stop drinking that Cool-aid for a while and think; for Pete’s sake!

iTunes Logo

iTunes 10.7 Released, No New iTunes, Adds iOS 6 + New Device Support

Have you downloaded the latest iTunes update? Well it may be no iTunes 11, but if you preordered an iPhone 5, planning to get any of the products Apple announced this past Wednesday, and/or moving to iOS 6, then you’re gonna need it. As you can see in the image below, the 10.7 update is needed in order to sync the devices. Take a look at the image below for the official word from Apple.


Glowing Grand Central Apple Logo

Comparing Apple’s Retail Stores [Infographic]

We all know by now that there is no secret behind the layout and marketing strategies of the Apple stores. I mean come on, even Steve Jobs himself even described the thoughts behind the store layouts back in 2001. The stores are designed to capture the attention of the passers by to get them to go in and explore the store. Next thing you know, you have a couple thousand dollars missing from your bank account, but that’s beside the point. Apple has their strategy down to a science. They make solid products and have a huge customer base. The only obvious issue with Apple is the price at which they sell their products. There are many arguments to be made there so we’ll leave that alone.

According to the infographic provided by the Online MBA, Apple stands pretty tall in the retail game. But how well do they do against their other store based competitors? Check out the infographic below for the skinny.

Apple Stores Infographic



Apple vs. HTC: Patent Violation!

The U.S. International Trade Commission has denied a ban on HTC products that was requested by Apple. As we have previously reported, this is not the first, second, or third time Apple has made a lawsuit over patents that Apple has rights to over rival devices. In 2011 we reported that Apple won an import ban on HTC’s Android Phones though there were changes made that allowed that ban to be lifted.

Continue reading


Rumortronica: iPhone 5 & iOS 6

The iPhone 5 is slowly becoming one of the more talked about things on the tech grid. From iOS 6 we can already learn a lot about what the new iPhone may have in store. Rumors speculate that the iPhone 5 may be released as soon as September but with many features we’ll just wait to confirm characteristics till one shows up in a bar again. Continue reading

The King is freaking Naked! – Debunking the Retina Hype

Configuring Retina – Courtesy The Verge

I have decided to stick my neck out here and swim against the tide. Yesterday, Apple released another “Retina” device and of course the usual pandemonium in the tech world as expected.

Since Retina made its debut I have been watching the Tech blogosphere go gaga with ooo’s and aaa’s but I haven’t seen anyone compare the advantage of Retina to its disadvantage. The only advantage is the DPI density, that you can look at you pixel to so called “infinity” and still not notice any jaggedness of fonts and pictures etc. You know what, I am writing this on standard resolution screen, I don’t notice any jaggedness in this Word document. I haven’t noticed jaggedness since ClearType technology and its variations in other OSes.

So what’s the point? Looking with naked eyes (or with four eyes it you wear glasses) you can’t see jaggedness on anything above 100DPI. You will have to do your best at that level to see anything wrong with the screen, and by the time you reach 150DPI its just a waste of pixel density. I know some of you will crucify me, and cite headaches and all at anything below 200DPI, you know what, it’s just an excuse to your partner to buy yet another addictive device. Yes, you can’t see any difference anymore with naked eyes after 150DPI. Do you know how they show the difference between normal DPIs and Retina display on all Tech sites? They show the difference under a microscope. Yes, under a freaking microscope. Tell me, which of you do your day-job under a microscope looking at your computer display. It’s plain nuts!

Which brings me to Retina’s disadvantages:

  1. Like almost all Apple’s products, it is a brag right! Yes, there is nothing to Retina than to brag my d@#ck is bigger than yours. Anyone who has a need to brag as such should see a shrink because you are compensating for a need in your life.
  2. It is inefficient. Because of increased resolution, there are more wasted pixels on the screen. These pixels have to be powered, supplying power to something you don’t need is inefficient, it’s a waste of resource, and environmentally irresponsible. The power you supply to these pixels have to be generated which impacts the environment. By the time you take the energy to power those extra pixels and multiply it by the number of Retina devices, you begin to realize we are talking of serious impact on our planet. Like they say, “if you don’t do it for your money, do it for your grand-children”. The next generation bears the brunt of our current obsessions with devices. Retina is so inefficient that it requires more battery on the “New iPad” than iPad2, grows hotter than iPad2, has less battery-life than iPad2, etc etc.
  3. Requires Apps Re-Writes. It is a normal cry now, anything that sports “Retina” display has to have the “right” apps for it. Sad that none of the Tech blogs are calling Apple to this inefficiency: Apple creates a problem where none exists, and therefore has to be fixed by devs. The following logic hold if you can figure it out:
    1. When you put high resolution on a small screen, your screen elements suffer if it doesn’t scale. It’s a simple question of proportions. The screen elements are made to a certain specifications, especially on a Touch device. A button in an App need to be a certain size to accommodate an average finger size. Certain font sizes are chosen for readability per DPI. So what happens when you increase resolution and your elements are fixed, they seem tiny and unreadable on the small screen. Therefore elements have to be made bigger. For example, a 320×240 standard graphic element now has to be made 640×480 to be made usable on a retina screen and so on and so forth. You get the picture. A size 10 font has to be made size 20 font to be readable. All for nothing, just because someone convinced you higher resolution on a small screen is better.
    2. App devs need to drive more pixels for games on a small screen. Can you imagine, you are playing an HD, Xbox level resolution game on one third or fourth of the screen estate. It’s a waste. Its lots efforts to make the elements visible on the screen. The game still looks small despite the fact that it’s a large resolution game.
    3. I can’t think of any more disadvantages off the top my head at the moment, but I am sure you will think up of other. If you comment, I’ll add them here.
    4. [Update] Someone pointed out another disadvantage offline: The manufacturing cost, not in terms of price, but in terms resources needed to produce it. All the energy waste during production, and the waste materials and chemicals from the production that will probably end up dumped in the ocean somewhere.

So please stop this Retina screen madness and see Retina for what it is: A sales gimmick. Nothing more, nothing less. There are people clamoring now for Retina Windows 8 devices, believe me, you don’t need them. If Apple has succeeded in pocketing every blogger out there (I know most of them are pushing their Apple stock), then let it be that this “little fella” here have the nerve to shout it out loud: “The King is freaking Naked!” Save our environment, stop inefficient use of Technology.

[Update: 2012-07-09] For those of you bashing me on my stand on Retina, you’d better read this from the CIO Journal! “Apple withdraw from Green Electronics initiative”  Apple has just removed itself from the Green Electronics initiatives as none of its current devices meets the goal of energy efficiencies. And before it is hit by class action suits, Apple has decided to withdraw itself there losing permanently the Good for Green logo right.

[Update: 2012-08-04] Engadget carried a piece about Retina and Windows Desktop that I think confirmed my assertion in this post. What really got my attention is the following quote:

Windows on Retina display
Making full use of the Retina display’s 2,880 x 1,880 resolution, the Windows desktop is startlingly huge with tiny text and dwarfed navigation buttons lost within it. Pegging the dpi at 200 percent, however, strikes a balance between readability and definition. System text, icons and windows are easy on the eyes, but third-party apps are hit-or-miss, as they require developer support for large, crisp and readable visuals. With a bit of tweaking, the oversized-desktop is useable, but a 1,920 x 1,080 experience is a bit easier on the eyes, and is more forgiving of apps that lack support for the extra pixels.

As you can read, the large Desktop on a small screen is a waste, the editors had to increase the fonts DPI to 200 to be able to read anything on the screen. Navigation buttons were “dwarfed” making them un-usable. So you tell me what is the efficiency of a large Desktop on a small screen in which you have to increase the screen elements to be able to see anything. I think its stupid.

[Update: 2012-08-11] A guy just published the complete maths of 20/20 Vision and Retina proving my point. Read it and convince yourself Retina is just a gimmick to sell you expensive devices.