Reason To Believe – Why this Geek is a Believer

untitledMany people are dismayed that I am a believer, a practicing Christian. How is that possible? That’s anti-cool they say. Believing and Faith business if for unskilled individuals who are unsure of their fate. If you are schooled and learned like I am, the argument is that you don’t need this brainwashing called Christianity etc, etc. Nothing could be far from the truth. I am of the opinion that the more learned you are the more astute you become in dissecting the nature of matter in our physical universe and make informed decision about faith.

We are the generation that has been endowed with the knowledge of all humanity eons before us. We are the humanity united in knowledge and capability. Any of you that have read the Bible will remember the Tower of Babel incident, in which supposedly God had to bring confusion into humanity by disrupting their language and communication skills. My quote is then that remarkable text that the Lord spoke out at that incident. He said nothing will be impossible for humanity if they unite. The Internet has united us more than we can imagine.  We have reached a stage in our development as humanity in which we are united in knowledge and skills. The Internet has become our repository of every knowledge we posses and has enhanced our development. All the leaps and advancements you see these decades in Technology is due to our ability to communicate knowledge with each other via the Internet. We are the Homo-Digitalis if you may call us that. Like at the Tower of Babel, with this unification of knowledge and skills comes also the confidence that we don’t need God anymore. We refuse to acknowledge the one that put it all in place.

So what has all this to do with Faith you say? Much, very much. To whom much is given much is demanded as it written somewhere. We have been empowered with knowledge in this generation, so we do not have any excuse anymore of ignorance. The more we dig into technology the more we are discovering design. Design is the fundamentals of the physical nature we found around us. Everything have been meticulously balanced in design. And where there is design there has to be intelligence. Can you imagine a stone-age man suddenly confronted with a wrist-watch. Just lets use our imagination, that someone was able to transport a wrist-watch to the stone age (I know, I don’t subject to evolution either, I believe in adaptation and growth, but I don’t believe my granddad was a monkey). So this stone-age guy found this watch took it home and spent years studying it. He never understood it, all he knew was this thing just exist, and because he doesn’t know how it existed, it declared it existed just pure out of thin air. That grass and root coalesce with stone and pronto a wrist-watch was born. That is our current stage with the knowledge of our physical world.

I said we are the generation blessed with information, and we have to do something with the information. The Sciences started as a curiosity into the nature of Gods creation. The early scientists were believers, they were monks and preachers. Galileo was a staunch believer, Isaac Newton as well. It is the modern science that built a religion around Atheism. We preach opinion as fact, and if it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist was the claim. Yet we are dealing these days with particles we can’t see, but we believe staunchly in them. Quantum physics has brought us to realm of religion itself. A quantum particle they say is able to exist everywhere at the same time. In faith we call that Omni-presence, an attribute we ascribe to God himself.

To whom much is given… We are the generation that is today reading the designer’s code in the DNA; it’s all in the Genes we say. Go ask anyone dealing with the sciences of the DNA, they’ll tell you its bio-computing. There is a code in all of us that is being read and translated. It influence our very nature. So if there is information in DNA who put the information there in the first place? I am a computing addict, I deal with computer codes, I know that Codes just don’t spring out of thin-air, it has to be coded by someone.

Do I purport to completely know how all this hang together, definitely not. Only I have found my peace in Christianity. I have taken a look at all World’s religions, its Judeo-Christianity that explain the most to me. You are free to make your own choice, but this is my stand. We all have to decide with the information available to us in this age and time. There was a time that people believed because it’s the tradition, today, I declared my faith because of conscious, well analyzed choice. Its an informed choice which is my prerogative, I have no apology in this case. I am confronted with overwhelming evidence of God’s existence as a geek, how you call him I don’t care, the fact is, we are not just a product of accidents like the stubborn scientists will want you to believe. They are being confronted with overwhelming evidence of design that it remains difficult to deny design these days. A lot Scientists are in the same boat with me. They came to faith not because someone told them to, but because they “KNEW”. And to know is everything. Every scientist should be a believer because they knew. They knew the secrets of God’s creation.

The reason I chose Christianity is summarized in the Law of Probability. The chance calculation that determined who Christ Jesus is and his fate is overwhelming in terms of mathematical probability calculations. The probability of what is foretold and all the occurrence around his person is just too much of a coincidence. The chance that all these will happen in a random person’s life has been calculated at 10157. That is more than scientific absurdity for you right there. There is an enlightened geek-preacher that I follow, who brought all this into perspective, please listen to Chuck Missler of Koinonia House who eloquently debated this topic. Go through the probability numbers and decide for yourselves. Note that he did not include controversial predictions like being born by a virgin etc etc. Boy, I am glad most of you deal with numbers, so you won’t be inundated with the figures in the debate. Just listen to the end and debate with me further by commenting on this post. I know I am walking into a nest of Wasps here with this post, and I’ll probably get stung. You may crucify me if you want for this post, I don’t mind. As long as you don’t do it literally Smile.

Thanks for your attention up till now.


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6 thoughts on “Reason To Believe – Why this Geek is a Believer”

  1. This is really the 4th blog, of your blog I really checked out.
    But yet I personally love this specific 1, “Reason To Believe – Why this Geek is a Believer | McAkins Online” the most.
    Take care -Giuseppe

  2. I am a geek and I am a believer! I am so glad you wrote this post. This helps rid the misconception that religion and science don’t go together. We need to understand that believers like us are not ignorant and “living in the past” as they say.

    1. Yeah, I mostly find it ridiculous the snobbish attitude of people who profess to only believe in science with their condescending attitude as if there is anything as absolute knowledge.
      Science is discovering that knowledge is an Onion, by the time they unwrap a layer, they found another layer. We’ve gone so low now that we’ve reached the Quantum Physics level where everything is now pointing to the things the Bible has been telling the whole time.
      For example, the fact that at quantum level, every particle loose locality, each particle exist everywhere at the same time, that is Omni-prescience, that is the attribute we Christians ascribe to the Lord.

      1. I am a Muslim (this is an Arabic word for “one who submits to the Almighty God.) As a Muslim, I reject the Trinity. We believe what Prophet Abraham told us: There is only One God. Moses said: There is only one God. Jesus: God is One. Nawah: One God; Muhammad: Only One God, etc, etc.

        We see the trinity as corruption of the original message that Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) brought from God.

        Now, I am going to mention history. This is not from the beliefs of Islam, but actual documented historical fact. A man name Paul changed Jesus’s original message by inventing the concept of the Trinity. Followers of this concept were known as the “Pauline Christans”. Those who rejected were known as the Unitarians. The Unitarian christens were persecuted and were ultimately defeated. Today, most Christans are followers of the Pauline concept; though some Unitarians still exist.

        Muslims and Jews reject Jesus to be God because We see God as the Almighty. He created all things, the universe, the galaxies, everything. How can he, then, be a Man? Jesus ate, drank, came from his mother’s womb. That’s not an attribute of God. We believe God is outside his creation. To say he is bound by biological science and is a Man walking on the tiny earth, is, according to my religion an insult to the Almighty God. We see Jesus (Pease be upon him) as same as Muhammad (Peace & bless be upon him). They are all messengers of god. Sent by God to worship him and only him. Respect our parents, respect other human beings, and a lot more guidance.

        Let’s talk Quantum Physics: God created all laws of physics. he cannot be bound by it. He created relativity. he created Quantum theory. he created every single scientific laws that exists. He cannot be bound by it. He cannot follow the laws of physics. he created it!

        Now, I will make it very clear that I am not, in any way, attacking Christianity. I am merely stating the Islamic viewpoint of the concept of Trinity. It is a requirement of Islam to live in harmony people of other faith. The Goal of Islam is to work together with people of all races and religion. It is also our duty to share the message of God.

        Just for more clarification, we as Muslims, believe in all prophets of God, including Jesus, Moses, David, Adam, etc. We also believe in God’s books, including the Torah, the Bible, the Qur’an. Because the previous books of God has been changed by Men (historical fact), God revealed the final book, the Qur’an, which he promised he will preserve. Today, there is only one version of the Qur’an and it has been unchanged for 1400 years since its revelation.

        If anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to read the Qur’an in English translation:

  3. it is very rare for me to find a person who ticks all the boxes. Microsoft, Chuck Missler (watch him on, and Christian. it is nearly and probably impossible. wow kudos to you brother!!

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