VLC Update is now Live in the Windows Store

Our friend Thomas Nigro (@ThomasNigro) just tweeted that the new and overhauled VLC Player is now in the Windows Store. This is a major update to the player bringing performance and UI improvements. Go get it now at: VLC for Windows 8 – http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/c527ff2d-b5d0-45b6-bfc3-92fb7357ef72

Call to Action: Win10 Client Must Support DeDup

This is something for the IT Pros and Devs amongst us. Normal folks will probably not understand what I am talking about here. But you can always support a good cause right?

The Server community has enjoyed something since Server 2012 that is called DeDuplication. This is a HDD data storage technology that writes data to disk at block level only once throughout the lifetime of the file. Your typical file are broken down to unique chunks of data called blocks. These blocks are then written sequentially logically to disk. Now imagine all your typical Word Document, with Aaa, and Bbbs and “the” etc etc. We are at the GUI level forever repeating the same words and letters and phrases. Continue reading

Column Selection now Supported in Win10 Command Prompt

The command prompt might not be an all-joy feature of any operating system for most people, but those of us that live in the code, or have to support any substantial systems know what pain it can be to get data in and out of Command prompt. Continue reading

Have I been Hacked by Nokia? Weird MS Account Issue

I am in the habit of regularly auditing my MS Account information as I want to know where my threat vectors are coming from. I am looking at you guys from Russia, please leave my account alone, will you! :)

Anyways, seriously now, I took a look a minute ago and I noticed something out of place. There is a Successful Login entry on my timeline last Thursday; from UK! Continue reading

Pen Showcase NYT Crossword Puzzle App Released

A while back during Surface Pro 3 launch Microsoft showcased a special Crossword App from NYT that perfectly showed why Active Pen is not a pushover on a tablet. Doing Crossword puzzle on a tablet with a pen gives such a natural feel to it. It is like writing on paper. With handwriting recognition, a technology that Microsoft leads its competition decades ahead, the app can easily transcribe your written letters and numbers into digital formats that can be used in the crossword. Continue reading

Microsoft Garage details Microsoft’s Cloud Security Strategy

I mentioned yesterday that Microsoft doesn’t hide the fact that any system can be broken, they embraced the fact and built their security initiatives that bad can and will happen to data. Now you can hear it for yourselves from a Lead Architect of Microsoft Cloud Computing platform Mark Russinovich. He was talking to Microsoft Garage series host today about how MS goes about protecting your data in the Cloud. Lets hope the competition are taking a page from this. Continue reading

Microsoft Details it’s Online Safety History

While Apple is today busy burying it’s head deeper into the sands, Microsoft chose to detail it’s track records with Online Safety initiatives of its Trustworthy Computing Policy efforts. What a marked difference between the two Internet giants. One is too busy denying they’re vulnerable, the other is accepting the fact that any system is vulnerable, you just do your best to protect your users. Continue reading

Apple pushes its head further into the sand

Boy, I knew this was coming, still it was disappointment when it comes. The wait is over, Apple has come to town on the rootcause of the Celebrities nude breach, yes, it wasn’t Apple’s fault as usual. How could we have guessed different. Apple confirmed there was a breach, but it was because users were not using strong password, leading to folks being able to guess their passwords. Continue reading

Apple Painted itself into a Corner

With all the nude leaks going on these last days, all linked to iCloud breach, and the thundering silence of Apple to respond officially to the allegations, I am smelling a rat. It is two days after the fact, and Apple is yet to go to town with their manipulative attitudes. That smells to me fishy. It is unlike Apple to keep quiet for so long. Even with a single gram of salt, they would have gone to town in damage-control mode. Continue reading

Updated! Posting to WordPress Blogs with OneNote Only

Credits: PGSRamblings

Windows Live Writer is god-tool to all Bloggers, no matter your file and rank. That is the first tool you install after installing any OS upgrade. Windows 8 is no difference to this rule, except there is a problem. If you decide to go the route of mobile computing and minimalistic blogging on the go, there’s no way to do that with Microsoft Surface or Surface 2. These are pure ARM devices that doesn’t allow you to install any other Desktop apps except for the ones that came with it from the factory. Continue reading

Dusting off McAkins Online

Credits: TQN.com

Ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you for your patience with us for going AWoL on you these past two months. Naz was going through physical expatriation, and I was going through a hard time at work before going on a much deserved vacation of full 4-weeks.

Those of you that follow us on Twitter of course know I was doing micro-blogging the whole time. I just didn’t have the time nor the energy to write full quality blog posts like you’re used to from us. Continue reading

High System Interrupts CPU Usage in Windows 8

This past period I re-loaded my Desktop PC to use one of the modern APU from AMD. I went from a powerful Quad-Core system to an APU On-board low power system. I did this out of a conscious choice to start limiting my impact on carbon emission and of course lower my utility bills. I am mostly in browse or Coding mode most of the time, I don’t game at all, so my need for a monster powered system of decades ago, is no more responsible in this green age. I mean, my desktop is like 24hr alive, so this is really necessary. Continue reading

Windows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs


In this bonus episode, I take a look at Windows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs (“FLP”), a little-known official Microsoft modification of Windows XP, designed for businesses still using hardware designed for Windows 9x to be able to run a more modern, safe and stable OS on their PCs. I end with a little fun trying to run the system on 64MB and 32MB RAM to see what happens. Continue reading