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Mars Rover Landing for Kinect

Microsoft and NASA joined effort to celebrate the landing of my favorite Mars rover Curiosity on Mars in a few weeks time by release just today an Xbox 360 App for Kinect. Mars Rover Landing for Kinect takes you through the difficult motion of landing a Rover safely in an unfriendly atmosphere of Mars. This is an opportunity for you budding JPL Lab rats to try your hands on this awesome experience of controlling remote operated vehicles millions of miles away.

One can only commend NASA and Microsoft on this joint effort in showcasing yet again the ubiquitous Kinect ability, and inspiring young kids in Science. I haven’t tried this myself as I am on holiday right now, but you can be sure my kids and I are gonna have a blast with this once we get home.

You can find this app in the Kinect Apps section of Xbox. Hopefully some of you will comment to let me know your experience with this.

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Ex US Air Force Officers come clean on UFOs surveys of Nuke sites

Yes you heard it right. We now have confirmation that we are constantly under surveillance by higher beings who are concerned with our tinkering with nuclear matters. They shut down severally Nukes in US and Moscow bases.
See for yourselves the briefing:

Given this information, is it not time for governments all over the world to come clean on status. If we are at threat, they have to inform us. And they don’t have to worry about us losing our Faith. If you loose your faith because of Alien beings, then you are not worthy of that faith.